Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? – The DVDfever Review – ITV drama – Will Poulter

Why Didn't They Ask Evans

“Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?” is the question asked by a man about to be deceased, courtesy of a fall down a steep hill, before he shuffles off his mortal coil.

Bobby Jones (Will PoulterBandersnatch: Black Mirror), son of a vicar, is the only one around to hear the words, and together with socialite Lady Frankie Derwent (Lucy BoyntonThe Ipcress File), they’ll attempt to solve the case, but in trying to watch the opener of this Agatha Christie tale, it feels like it takes forever to get anywhere.

No-one seems to know who Evans is, or what the potential context would be, including his sister, Amelia Cayman (Morwenna BanksFunny Woman), who’s come to give evidence in the coroner’s inquest.

However, after just one episode – which mostly just revolved around the two leads dilly-dallying round each other – aside from some minor plot advancement, I didn’t give a tuppeny toss who Evans was, or why they weren’t asked, and so for me, it’ll forever remain a mystery… that I’ll forget about five minutes after watching this.

Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? begins on ITV tonight at 9pm – continuing over Monday and Tuesday, and then streams in full on ITVX from today, but it’s not yet available to pre-order on Blu-ray or DVD.

You can also watch it on Britbox along with a 7-day free trial.

Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? – Official Trailer – Britbox

Director: Hugh Laurie
Producer: Claire Jones
Novel: Agatha Christie
Screenplay: Hugh Laurie
Music: Harry Escott

Bobby Jones: Will Poulter
Frankie Derwent: Lucy Boynton
Moira Nicholson: Maeve Dermody
Roger Bassington-ffrench: Daniel Ings
Ralph ‘Knocker’ Beadon: Jonathan Jules
Rev. Richard Jones: Alistair Petrie
Mr. Angel: Nicholas Asbury
Amelia Cayman: Morwenna Banks
Leo Cayman: Richard Dixon
Lady Marcham: Emma Thompson
Lord Marcham: Jim Broadbent
Sergeant Ellis: Christian Patterson
Gladys Roberts: Nia Trussler Jones
Hari Singh: Benedict Wolf
Henry Bassington-ffrench: Miles Jupp
Sylvia Bassington-ffrench: Amy Nuttall
Askew: Paul Whitehouse
Wilfred Bragge: Patrick Barlow
Dr. George Arbuthnot: Joshua James
Dr. James Nicholson: Hugh Laurie
Alex Pritchard: Leon Ockenden
‘Thicko’ Derwent-Broxley: Nicholas Banks