WRC 10 on PS5 – The DVDfever Review – Rally racing simulator

WRC 10
WRC 10 is the latest in the rally-racing series which has more options than you can shake a stick at.

For example, if you go into “Quick Play”, it offers: 2021 Special Stages, Anniversary and Extras. At first, the latter isn’t available to you, but the race tracks include Monte Carlo, Sweden, Croatia, Portugal, Italy (Sardinia), Italy (San Remo), Kenya, Estonia, Chile, Wales, Finland, Spain, Japan, Greece and New Zealand.

In each of those, there’s numerous courses, sometimes with ‘reverse track’ options.

In addition is a 50th Anniversary Mode which lets you relive famous events from the WRC’s last 50 years. You’ll unlock experience points, and once all the events are unlocked, you can access the Private Team mode in Career mode from the WRC3 category.

Technically, you start WRC 10 with the Acropolis Rally in 1973, and move forward to other places and ahead in years – such as the Rallye San Remo 1981, but to work your way through that made, you have to actually be good at it, and pass each stage in order to progress, and that’s my downfall, since I’m a bit bobbins at this. Alternatively, you will come to these races during the Career Mode.

WRC 10 – Gameplay – PS5 (4K UHD 60fps) – DVDfeverGames

As you’ll see from the visuals, it’s stunning, although the audio is exactly what you’d expect for raspy car sounds. In addition, you’ll hear certain sounds through your controller, like the bits of a gate as you crash through it (when you really shouldn’t be, because you’re meant to be – y’know – on the race track!)

As you’ll imagine from the initial footage, I’m not very good at this, but it’s still hugely entertaining, and at least unlike RiMS Racing, you don’t have other riders on the track trying to dislodge you off the tarmac.

If you know what you’re doing, you’ll enjoy it all the more!

That said, from Race 11 in the playlist, I’ve started actually trying to play properly, and it does pay dividends.

Overall: 8/10

WRC 10 is out now on PS5, PS4,PC/Steam, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.

WRC 10 – Gameplay – PS5 (4K UHD 60fps) – DVDfeverGames

Important info:

  • Developer: KT Racing
  • Publisher: Nacon
  • Players: single-player, multi-player