Youtube is dead: BreakfastBites is no more…

Youtube is deadUpdate Sun Sept 16th:
And, now, BreakfastBites is no more. The BBC Copyright Department, collectively, have a very tiny penis.

Sat Sept 15th:
For almost 4 years, I’ve run a Youtube channel called Breakfastbites, which I class as “The best amusing clips from Breakfast”, and before I get to a list of some of my favourites and those with the highest number of hits, I have to say that only just now have the BBC’s Copyright department decided to get on their high horse about it and want to take it down.

And this is why Youtube is dying. It used to be a platform for creativity, but since Google took it over in late 2006, it’s been in a decline. Big business is taking over and ruining it. You can’t do a search without tripping up over promoted TV channels hawking their cheesy wares, or a VEVO music site.

Obviously, there’s a lot of unauthorised material uploaded, which is basically what my channel is, but my justification is that if (a) these are things that the BBC, themselves, are not going to upload, and (b) the user is not making any money from it, then what’s the harm? None. I ensured that I cut out all TV/films/music clips, so third parties wouldn’t throw strikes at it, and the BBC can NOT have been aware of this channel before recently, so why the change now?

Unfortunately, when it comes to elements like the BBC Copyright Department, for them “might is right” and rather than try and work in collaboration with someone, they’d rather use the same strong-arm tactics that made Hitler get a less-than-friendly critical reception and slap copyright strikes everything. Some have already been applied, so if the channel is still there by lunchtime on Monday, when the beasts rise from their slumber again, I’ll be very surprised.

This is all DESPITE a number of people at the BBC, itself, really enjoying this channel! Some have even retweeted my links. Unfortunately, the copyright department don’t see it that way.

Previously, I had listed links to 12 of the best, but since they’ve also been deleted, here’s the titles and the hits they got…

1. Susanna’s hard nipples (25.04.08) – 3.2m hits
2. Kate Silverton’s nipples on view (08.10.08) – 1.3m hits
3. Carol Kirkwood and her incredible breasts! (20.4.10) – 452k+ hits
4. Carol Kirkwood gets the giggles when her necklace breaks (1.3.12) – 283k+ hits
5. Dan Castellaneta aka Homer Simpson (08.11.07) – 250k+ hits (plus around 50k on a previous channel)
6. Carol Kirkwood looking very busty again (19.7.10) – 179k+ hits
7. Keanu Reeves talks about Henry’s Crime (15.1.11) – 169k+ hits
8. Kate Silverton nearly pukes on Breakfast while interviewing David Walliams (1.6.11) – 108k+ hits
9. Chris falls asleep (13.05.09) – 99k+ hits
10. Sian has a reach-around! (24.04.08) – 98k+ hits
11. Susanna Reid gets her lips around a big instrument (18.10.10) – 76k+
12. “Hairy Balls” says Joseph Gordon Levitt (21.08.09) – 71k+ hits