1024 on ZX Spectrum – Let’s Play – 2020 indie game

1024 1024 is a new ZX Spectrum indie game for 2020.

I played three games of this, and for the description: One chip can be placed in one turn, and its value is selected by the computer at random and displayed to the right of the playing field. If near vertically or horizontally (but not diagonally!) there are two or more chips of equal value, they are connected, and the value of the “new” chip is doubled, and the rest disappear, freeing up the occupied fields. If the value 1024 is reached, the fields around this chip (vertically, horizontally, and diagonally) are cleared.

If three or more chips are “connected”, the face value is still only doubled, but the number of possible substitutions of the next chip increases (shown by the number below it). At the beginning of the game, it is zero, and the maximum value is nine. If the current value of the next chip is undesirable, you can replace it if possible. In this case, the new denomination is also generated randomly, and CAN be equal to the previous one.

Author: Savely Ivankov

Check out the gameplay video below, and you can download all the new games from the 2020 ZX Spectrum Yandex Retro Games Battle 2020 here.

1024 on ZX Spectrum – Let’s Play – ZX Spectrum