24 Live Another Day Season 9 Episode 10 – The DVDfever Review

Episode 10

24 heads towards the last lap with Episode 10 and Jack Bauer enlists Kate’s help in tracking down Steve Navarro, since he’s on the run with the override device and about to meet up with Adrian Cross, who’s promised him save transport out of the country if he brings him the goodies. Hmm… would you trust Adrian? He even sounds mad as he tries to justify his reasons for his dodgy dealings with the Chinese.

As Navarro arrives at a particular junction, Adrian tells him, over the walkie-talkie, that he should look for an envelope inside a cement mixer… erm… this is sounding like something from Treasure Hunt with Anneka Rice!

And then wouldn’t you know it, Adrian’s double-crossed him, and Navarro will be spending the rest of his life in the clink with other baddies.

Oh, and how does Jack manage to get a mobile phone signal on the underground?


With Navarro in custody, that means Erik is now in charge, but he hasn’t got an ounce of charisma about him. It’ll be more interesting if Kate gets to interrogate him, though, since it was their ex-station head who set up Kate’s husband, making it look like he was the one who sold the secrets to the Chinese.

Meanwhile, Boudreau is getting in deep shit with the Russians by not doing very well in sending Bauer their way, and the badly-moustached guy he’s dealing with is threatening to make him public enemy No.1 if he doesn’t come up with the goods. And we also discover that Cross has been in cahoots, not with the Chinese government, but with Cheng, the baddie who put Jack in a Beijing jail for over a year, torturing him as he went. Chloe doesn’t like that he kept this from her… much as another home truth he needs to deliver.

(Oh, and playing Cheng’s Chinese tech guy is Dan Li, aka Tony from BBC3’s superb sitcom Ideal!)

I loved it when Jack suggested to Erik that, since Navarro is ex-covert ops, only he can break him in the interrogation room. Erik agrees, with the caveat that if he pulls any stunts, he’ll be taken off the job. Jack replies: “Just so we’re clear… I wasn’t asking. It was me being courteous(!)”

And to say the episode has an explosive finale…

Dammit count: 0


Score: 7/10

Director: Milan Cheylov
Producer: Iain Smith
Screenplay: Adam DaSilva
Music: Sean Callery

Jack Bauer: Kiefer Sutherland
Chloe O’Brian: Mary Lynn Rajskub
Kate Morgan: Yvonne Strahovski
Adrian Cross: Michael Wincott
Cheng Zhi: Tzi Ma
Chinese Tech: Dan Li
Ron Clark: Ross McCall
Gavin Leonard: Adam Sinclair
Steve Navarro: Benjamin Bratt
Mark Boudreau: Tate Donovan
President James Heller: William Devane
Erik Ritter: Gbenga Akinnagbe
Jordan Reed: Giles Matthey
Audrey Raines: Kim Raver
Chell: Mandeep Dhillon
Stosh: James Allenby-Kirk