Adulting – On The Edge Series 2 Episode 3 – The DVDfever Review – Channel 4 drama

Adulting Adulting is the third episode in the second series of Channel 4’s On The Edge series.

It centres around Candice (India Eva Rae, above-left with Shobna Gulati), a young woman who has difficulty in processing certain things, and gets frustrated when we first see her, as she can’t find a particular maagazine in the shop,and the owner doesn’t understand why she’s shouting. Naturally, she doesn’t realise that, to him, she is to a degree.

She has a chance meeting in that shop with Kems (Jack RowanNoughts and Crosses), who it says in the billing is homeless, yet he rather flits between the flat where his drunk father lives, or at the flat with his overbearing friend, Olly (Michael Socha Double Date, Chernobyl), who wants to take advantage of her, insisting that she looks after his plants, but she’s seemingly not grasping the fact that the plants are ‘special’ plants, and aren’t strictly on the level.

While watching this, I was wondering, does Kems fancy Candice, or is h esimply looking to find some common ground with her?

Whatever happens, India Eva Rae is a very good actress, and I expect we’ll see more of her in due course.

Adulting is broadcast on Monday March 16th on Channel 4 at 11.00pm. The series is not yet available to pre-order on Blu-ray or DVD.

After broadcast, the series will be on All 4.

On The Edge – Series 2 Trailer – Channel 4

Adulting – Episode Score: 6/10

Director: Ash Morris
Writer: Chinonyerem Odimba
Music: Roly Witherow

Candice: India Eva Rae
Kems: Jack Rowan
Olly: Michael Socha
Shakes: McKell David
Andi: Shobna Gulati
Dad: George Newton
Shopkeeper: Murray Taylor
Police Officer: Andrew David