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Bridget Jones' Baby Bridget Jones’ Baby – let’s get this right from the start. For me, that’s the title, NOT “Bridget Jones’s Baby”. Who puts the extra, redundant ‘s’ in these things? Probably the same people who say ‘forward slash’ in a web address, when it’s just ‘slash’.

You’d only have a ‘back slash’ if you had an accident in the bathroom.

Anyhoo, that out of the way, I am only a very recent convert to the phenonemon of Bridget Jones, portrayed by Renée Zellweger. Given that I am also an eternal singleton, you might be surprised. In fact, it’s only been in the past week when I watched the first two films, and I thought they were good, but not great. 6/10 for each. And, quite frankly, they were both pretty similar, both leading into a fight between Mark Darcy and Daniel Carver, and both having the same ending.

But 12 years later, which is actually 10 in storyline terms, it’s a new world. Bridget is now using a tablet to record her diary, rather than a book, but in a not so different world, she’s 43, it’s her birthday, she’s single again and, so with the first movie’s director, Sharon Maguire, returning, she’s # All By Myself… #

She also works in the same TV studio, where youth is not on her side, and a new broom wants to replace anyone older than 40 with hipsters sporting “ironic beards”. Being older shouldn’t preclude her from finding a man, as her friends dub her a ‘MILF’, but she still sees herself as a spinster, so she’s a “SPILF”!


Bridget is alone again or…

This time round, her rivalry is between Jack (Patrick Dempsey) – who she meets while at a music festival where she’s the only one in high heels, and the ever-unreliable Mark (Colin Firth), who she bumps into at a christening, six days later, him still talking an acting in that stilted fashion. Mark is an international lawyer, while Jack is an internet billionaire (which leads the re-writing of an old Mrs Merton joke where she asked Debbie McGee what attracted her to the multi-millionaire Paul Daniels… RIP Caroline Aherne)

In fact, it would’ve been nice if they’d given her a credit for that, given that they ripped off one of her jokes.

Anyhoo, in real life, Dempsey is 50, and Firth is 56. In the film, they’re both six years younger, and this is really stretching credibility. I’m 44 and Dempsey looks a fair bit older than me, and he certainly wasn’t 15 in 1987’s Can’t Buy Me Love. Meanwhile, Firth looks like about 20 years have passed since the last film!

As you’d expect from the title, this film will result in Bridget giving birth. All her friends have kids, so she’s getting broody, and since she’s had a dalliance with them both in a short space of time, it leads to the never-ending question of “Who’s the Daddy?”

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Bridget with colleague Miranda (Him & Her‘s Sarah Solemani)


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