Child’s Play 2019 – Trailer 2 – Aubrey Plaza

Child's Play 2019
Child’s Play 2019. Another trailer. Does anyone care? No doubt it’ll flood the cinemas, but the way things are going lately, this year, the only cinema film I’ve gone to see is Alita: Battle Angel in IMAX 3D. The rest of the time, I’ve seen indie and streamed films. It’s all getting a bit depressing.

The film is released in the US on June 21st, but no UK date has yet been confirmed.

Check out the trailer below:

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February 10th:

Child’s Play 2019 – yes, they’re just calling it Child’s Play, but I’m differentiating it from the original 1988 movie… which rather passed a lot of people by, and the series only came to prominence in the UK in 1993 when junk paper tabloid The Sun made references between Child’s Play 3 and the tragic murder of toddler Jamie Bulger, causing a lot of people to realise that this film existed and that they should go and rent it from their local video shop.

The basic premise centres around a mother – Karen Barclay (Aubrey Plaza, above) – who gives her son, Andy (Gabriel Bateman), a toy doll for his birthday, which he names Chucky, and she’s completely unaware of its more sinister nature… especially as it goes round bumping lots of people off.

Child’s Play 2019 hasn’t yet got a UK or US release date, but is expect this coming summer.

Director: Lars Klevberg
Writers: Don Mancini, Tyler Burton Smith
Also stars: Brian Tyree Henry, David Lewis, Ty Consiglio, Beatrice Kitsos, Hannah Drew, Kristin York

Check out the trailer below: