Cuadragon: The Next Generation on ZX Spectrum Next – Let’s Play / First Impressions – 2021 Indie Game

Cuadragon: The Next Generation Cuadragon: The Next Generation is a new ZX Spectrum Next game from Duefectu Corp, and here’s a Let’s Play / First Impressions video…


    Every legend has a beginning.

    Over thirty generations ago, Sir Sphere was betrayed and imprisoned in Cuadragon Castle by his worst enemy, Lord Quadratus.

    Legend has it that he managed to escape by fleeing to the sea, beyond the horizon line where no one in their right mind had ever dared to go. It is also said that he took refuge on a remote island, where he would go unnoticed for the rest of his days, hiding from the evil Lord Quadratus.

    Since then, this island has been our refuge, our salvation, our prison and our condemnation. We live in hiding, ignoring what is happening in the far eastern lands, while Cuadragon’s empire exercises its oppressive yoke on the entire known world. In all but our island. How long will we be safe?

NOTE: I played this on PC in CSpect with a version that’s specifically been made to recreate the experience you’d get on the Next, and the game supports both 50Hz and 60Hz frequencies.

Check out the gameplay video below and you can Buy it here:

Cuadragon: The Next Generation – Let’s Play – ZX Spectrum