Shpeed! on ZX Spectrum Next – Let’s Play – 2020 Indie Game

Shpeed Shpeed! is a new ZX Spectrum Next game now available from Lee Duke and Bitmap Soft, and while it stems from an Acorn Archimedes game from 1994, it also reminds me of the all-time arcade classic Mr Do, although this is rather more cerebral as I’ll get into, because you have to plan your level route a lot more.

After making the video, I’ve since learned that there’s 100 levels!


    Legend has it that long ago an ancient, but advanced tribe worshipped the fabled and great golden idol Myclops. The tribe were prosperous and rich, but one day, inexplicably, all trace of them vanished leaving their technology, riches and most importantly- the fabled idol behind. To this very day, deep underground, it is said that Myclops slumbers awaiting an intrepid explorer to navigate the caverns and bask in the great golden idol’s glow.

    Ancient technology, possibly left behind by the tribe, is said to protect the fabled and great golden idol from prospectors. Other hidden and grave dangers include perilous boulders, toxic bones, poisonous deadly fungus and of course the three monster guardians – Harry, Barry and Larry. The guardians roam the caverns protecting the riches and guard the great golden idol Myclops. However, centuries of living underground has nulled their senses. They cannot see and cannot hear although they’ll sometimes smell you coming! They wander aimlessly through the cavern tunnels. Sometimes a quick side-step is all that is needed to evade their toxic touch!

    Can you navigate Digger McDigFace through the caverns and reach the long-lost fabled and great golden idol and emerge victorious?


    0:00 Introduction
    4:21 Game attempt 1
    11:42 Game attempt 2
    17:33 Game attempt 3

Author: Lee Duke (LEEORG Productions)
Publisher: Bitmap Soft ZXHO 0011

Check out the gameplay video below, and you can pre-order it from Bitmap Soft’s website.

Shpeed! – Let’s Play Gameplay – ZX Spectrum Next (60fps)