Dark Matter – The DVDfever Review – Apple TV+ – Joel Edgerton

Dark Matter Dark Matter posits Joel Edgerton (Thirteen Lives) as Jason Dessen, a professor who’s fed up with his job, while his wife, Daniela (Jennifer ConnellyTop Gun Maverick), is still fulfilled as an artist.

Later, he’s in a bar with best friend Ryan (Jimmi SimpsonUnder The Silver Lake), discussing an old friend, and how him and Ryan have $200m on a project which is going to triple, and he wants Jason to join in with them.

However, just as his life’s coming together, Jason gets jumped in the street by a masked weirdo, then wakes up in what looks like a bad motel, and greeted by a strange woman called Amanda (Alice BragaHypnotic) who seems surprised that he doesn’t recognise her. Meanwhile, another guy appears and shows how a whole team of people are really pleased to see him, because he’s kind of a big deal in another field. What’s going on?

But despite everyone being cordial, they don’t want him to leave… which immediately led me to think that because I’ve seen so many programmes and films, if he does ever find a way to escape, won’t he just be taken back to where he started? Or something will go all screwy? What is real and what is Memorex?

And once he comes out the other side of this, how come people he knows suddenly don’t know him?? Is it The Man Who Haunted Himself with Roger Moore? Well, no, but every work derives content from another to a degree.

The trailer and premise does go into more detail about how the events have come about, but while that information is out there, I don’t want to spoil it here.

So far, after two episodes, this is completely mad, but I am enjoying it.

Dark Matter is on Apple TV+ from Wednesday May 8th. Initially, two episodes are available, and additional episodes will stream weekly.

It isn’t yet available to pre-order on Blu-ray or DVD. However, once announced, it will appear on the New DVD Blu-ray 3D and 4K releases UK list.

Check out the trailer below:

Dark Matter – Official Trailer – Apple TV+

Detailed specs:

Running time: 45 mins per episode (9 episodes)
Release date: May 8th 2024 (first 2 episodes, then weekly)
Studio: Apple TV+
Format: 2.00:1

Series Directors: Jakob Verbruggen, Roxann Dawson, Logan George, Celine Held, Alik Sakharov
Producers: Jeff MacVittie, Jacquelyn Ben-Zekry, Dustin Bernard
Novel: Blake Crouch
Writer for TV: Blake Crouch
Teleplay: Megan McDonnell, Jacquelyn Ben-Zekry, Ihuoma Ofordire
Music: Jason Hill

Jason Dessen: Joel Edgerton
Daniela Vargas Dessen: Jennifer Connelly
Charlie Dessen: Oakes Fegley
Amanda Lucas: Alice Braga
Ryan Holder: Jimmi Simpson
Leighton Vance: Dayo Okeniyi
Blaire Caplan: Amanda Brugel
Dawn: Marquita Brooks