Dead Hot – The DVDfever Review – Amazon Prime – Vivian Oparah, Bilal Hasna

Dead Hot

Dead Hot is a new drama series on Amazon Prime, with apparently a hint of comedy, but… well, let’s see.

Elliot (Bilal Hasna) – who works in a fancy dog-grooming parlour with a demanding boss – has been in a funk for the last five years, since his boyfriend, Peter (Olisa OdeleBig Boys) went missing – and he’s the brother of Elliot’s flatmate, Jess (Vivian OparahThen You Run).

Five years on, and he now feels he’s met the perfect man in Will (Marcus Hodson), enthusiastically tells Jess, yet his love life is clearly still a sore spot between them, given what happened above.

Throw in some flashbacks of the night with Will, and Bilal deliberating over whether to text him again, even if he hasn’t replied back to the first one (don’t do it! Wait!), while Jess is using a DNA app in order to find her brother. There’s also some strange dream/nightmare sequences where Elliot enters an apartment and finds a dead finger amongst a pool of blood, but what can it mean?

On the plus side, Dead Hot has some nice location scenes, set down by the docks in Liverpool, and it also features the awesome Penelope Wilton (The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry) as his bigoted grandma, Francine.

There are six episodes to this series, but after watching the first two, I’m just not really sure what I’m actually watching, since it feels like multiple shows and disconnected scenes put together in random fashion. If it makes sense to you, let me know.

Thanks to our friends at Prime Video for the screener prior to release.

Trailer posted: Feb 24th, 2024, 11:00
Review posted: Feb 29th 2024, 0:01

Dead Hot is on Prime Video from tomorrow. All episodes are available from day one.

Dead Hot – Official Trailer – Amazon Prime Video

Running time: 45 minutes per episode (8 episodes)
Release date: March 1st 2024
Studio: Prime Video
Format: 2.00:1

Series Directors: Sam Arbor, David Sant
Producer: Laurie Kirkham
Writer: Charlotte Coben

Elliot: Bilal Hasna
Jess: Vivian Oparah
Francine: Penelope Wilton
Danny: Peter Serafinowicz
Charlie: Brandon Fellows
Peter: Olisa Odele
Will: Marcus Hodson
Janelle: Rachael Elizabeth
Honeysuckle: Rachael Evelyn
Rigby: James Ledsham
DB: Luke Anthony Jr
Raphael: Andro Cowperthwaite
DC Jemma Ridgewell: Charlie Griffiths
Hannah: Kerry Hughes
Elsie: Maggie Evans
Karis: Jaylin Ye
Priest: Andy M Milligan