Doctor Who Series 9 Trailer – Peter Capaldi, Maisie Williams

doctor-who-series-9Doctor Who Series 9 begins on September 19th and again returns with Peter Capaldi as The Doctor, Jenna Coleman as Clara, and since both they and Steven Moffat appeared at Comic Con in San Diego with and Michelle Gomez, who played Missy, that must mean she’s bound to return also…? Well, yes, since she’s in this trailer.

Yes, Moffat really has run out of ideas. But then we knew that from the last series, with Deep Breath and Flatline being the only two decent episodes.

However, it might be worth rewatching Robot of Sherwood again if the BBC released it uncut, after getting confused between “sci-fi fiction” and “Islamic State terrorists”.

There were, however, cheers at the end of the clip when Game of Thrones and Cyberbully star Maisie Williams appeared, greeting the Doctor with the words “What took you so long, old man?”

At Comic Con, when asked about the potential of a female Doctor, Jenna Coleman said: “I’m sure it will happen at some point. It’s just about casting the right actor”.

And for Peter Capaldi on working on such a show with over 50 years longevity, he added: “It’s just an extraordinary experience, the whole thing. I could tell you that the show was successful overseas, and that it was catching on in America. But I didn’t realise it was to this scale. So to come here and find this warmth and affection is absolutely extraordinary. But the most amazing thing that happens, I get the affection for the whole 50 years pointed in my direction.”

Doctor Who Series 9 begins on September 19th with The Magician’s Apprentice, written by Moffat and directed by Hettie Macdonald, who also directs the second episode, The Witch’s Familiar, as well as Blink, the wonderful first episode featuring the Weeping Angels, from back in 2007 which featured Sally Sparrow, the assistant I hope we one day get for at least one full series, played by the amazing Carey Mulligan. However, Ms Macdonald is also responsible for directing three episodes of the first series of the godawful Fortitude

Check out the trailer below, which has been masked to a cinematic 2.35:1 widescreen ratio – although I expect it will be in 16:9 on TV as usual – and click on the image of Maisie Williams for the full-size version: