Dot And Bubble – Doctor Who Season 1 Episode 5 – The DVDfever Review

Dot And Bubble

Dot And Bubble is the fifth episode of (ahem) Season 1.

This episode sees everyone wearing social media ‘bubbles’ on their heads, which stops them from being able to see outside of it, which seems ridiculously unsafe.

Lindy’s (Callie CookeHenpocalypse) receiving of endless online praise is interrupted by The Doctor telling her she’s in danger – because he never has any good news… especially about the fact he’s already filmed a second series of this dross.

She lives in Finetime, where everything’s fine all the time, during which she gets aural/visual overload from lots of individuals of indeterminate gender, because it’s another RTD episode.

At least one plus… everyone only has to work two hours a day, except that her colleagues haven’t turned up for work, and slig-like aliens are eating everyone, instead.

Can Lindy escape to victory, or has her social media obsession robbed her ability to think for herself? Will anyone give a toss?

Dot And Bubble is set in an utterly pathetic world where you have to ask permission to hug someone in a friendly way, or hold their hand to take them to safety, lest they scream the place down. Why has everyone turned into an utter sissy?

RTD also can’t stop through in The Doctor and another character from flirting with each other. Ugh, put it away and give us a sci-fi drama, not a gay love story like the last Fantastic Beasts film.

And why has the Gatwa got almost as many finger rings as he has fingers?!

Ultimately, though, this was another 45 minutes of utter, plotless drivel.

Oh, and a spoiler:

Spoiler Inside SelectShow

You can watch Dot And Bubble on the BBC iPlayer.

You can also pre-order Season 1 on Limited Blu-ray Steelbook, Blu-ray and DVD, ahead of the release date of August 12th 2024.

Dot And Bubble – Doctor Who Season 1 Episode 5 – Official Trailer – BBC

Director: Dylan Holmes Williams
Producer: Vicki Delow
Writer: Russell T Davies
Music: Murray Gold

The Doctor: Ncuti Gatwa
Ruby Sunday: Millie Gibson
Lindy Pepper-Bean: Callie Cooke
Ricky September: Tom Rhys Harries
Cooper Mercy: Eilidh Loan
Harry Tendency: Aldous Ciokajlo Squire
Hoochy Pie: Niamh Lynch
Valerie Nook: Millie Kent
Blake Very Blue: Billy Brayshaw
Gothic Paul: Pete MacHale
Dr Pee: Max Boast
Rotterdam Twin 1: Elloise Bennett
Rotterdam Twin 2: Olivia Bennett
Weatherman Will: Jack Forsyth-Noble
Alan K Sullivan: Milo Callaghan
Penny Pepper-Bean: Susan Twist
Suzie Pentecost: Ellie-Grace Cashin
Brewster Cavendish: Jamie Barnard