Double The Money – The DVDfever Review – Channel 4 – Sue Perkins

Double The Money Double The Money is a new early evening gameshow, where each participant pairing have to sell a product of service of some kind, in order to make money, specifically, to double it.

They’ll they £250 as a starting stake. If you don’t double it, you’re out. But how will they do it? Well, that’s someting they need to figure out along the way, and there are no directions or instructions on that from our national treasure, Sue Perkins.

One pair tries selling wholesale-cost cold drinks by the beach… but I thought – without a trader’s licence?

Food is on the menu for others, one pair will wash your car while pretending to be in a superhero costume – and trading in the back of beyond, while another offers to tell your fortune for £15. Will £500 be in the stars for them?

Each pair has 36 hours to achieve their task, but does that include travel time from Sue HQ to their own home towns, and back again? I’m presuming the filming is done on different days, because Sue sometimes turns up, and they won’t have infinite film crews. Hence, it’ll be “36 hours” but the clock doesn’t start until they’ve got home and thought of an idea.

Additionally, Double The Money first gives us a brief intro to everyone, so you can figure out who’s the most annoying. Then again, I realised by the end of the opener, some hog the screen time – like the superhero car wash, while others barely feature. I guess it depends on how outlandish your approach is to the task.

Will anyone double their money? Well, no spoilers from me, but I presumed at the start that someone must do. After all, if no-one did, then this new series would last just one episode! 😀

Double The Money begins tonight on Channel 4 at 8pm. Once broadcast, each episode will be on All 4. The series is unlikely to be released on Blu-ray or DVD.

There’s also more Sue on Channel 5’s Lost In Thailand documentary tomorrow at 9pm, as well as other travelogues including her 2019 Japan trip, which is unfortunately not on iPlayer at present, despite a recent repeat. However, her Channel 5 Lost In Alaska trip is available to watch online.

Double The Money – Sue Perkins interview on This Morning

Director: Ben Archard
Producers: Jordi Herraiz, Alex Perks
Presenter: Sue Perkins