Boo To A Goose – Inside No.9 Series 9 Episode 1 – The DVDfever Review

Boo To A Goose

Boo To A Goose is the first episode of Inside No.9 Series 9.

This episode opens with an underground train approaching the station platform, with a right rum bunch of individuals in this carriage, including elderly Harold (Matthew Kelly), paranoid Finn (Joel FryThe End We Start From), grumpy sod Raymond (Mark BonnarMurder Is Easy) and drag queen Wilma (Steve Pemberton) – getting her sizeable assets out on show.

However, in the melee of the lights going out, one of them, nurse Elena (Philippa DunneThis Is Going To Hurt), has had her purse stolen, and the tannoy announcer is stating they’re not stopping at the next station, making Finn even more agitated.

Is there a nefarious individual in there with them, and if so, who?

Boo To A Goose took a very long time for things to come to a head, and I certainly wasn’t expecting the way things turned out, but I also didn’t understand it. There’s pay-offs in programmes and films that don’t make sense, and just weird things, and this was just plain weird.

I’ll be interested to see what others make of it, but I was originally thinking Inside No.9 could go on and on forever, but as Series 9 has been announced as the last one – and with them being hit-and-miss at times, maybe that’s a good thing.

Inside No.9 continues next week on BBC2 at 10pm on Wednesday May 15th.

Inside No.9 Series 9 is available to pre-order on DVD, and Complete Collection on DVD, ahead of their release on June 24th.

You can also buy the Inside No. 9: Collector’s Edition: The Scripts: Series 1-3 in Hardcover and Inside No. 9: Collector’s Edition: The Scripts: Series 4-6 in Hardcover.

After broadcast, each episode will be on the BBC iPlayer.

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Inside No.9 Series 9 – Official Trailer – BBC

Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith talk about the final series

Episode Score: 4/10

Director: George Kane
Producer: Steve Ryde
Writers: Steve Pemberton, Reece Shearsmith
Music: Christian Henson

Wilma: Steve Pemberton
Gerry: Reece Shearsmith
Edith: Siobhan Finneran
Raymond: Mark Bonnar
Cleo: Susan Wokoma
Finn: Joel Fry
Elena: Philippa Dunne
Mossy: Charlie Cooper
Harold: Matthew Kelly
Train driver: Dan March
Station announcer: Melissa Woodbridge