Everything I Know About Love – The DVDfever Review – BBC drama – Bel Powley

Everything I Know About Love Everything I Know About Love begins in 2012 with 24-year-old Maggie (Emma AppletonThe Witcher) on the train to “start her adult life” from Manchester to London.

She meets a know-it-all and rather hippy-ish type Cockney guitar-toting musician nicknamed “Street” (Connor FinchThe Larkins) on said vehicle, who buys her drinks because her card’s been declined by the rip-off trolley service (not that there ever is a trolley service on a train from Manchester – you would go to the buffet car, and I’d rather take a sandwich with me anyway, but I digress…). However, when they arrive and part ways, she’s one of these lunatics who doesn’t want his number because “if we’re destined to meet again, we will“. Duh…

She also walks the opposite way away from him on the platform as they get off the train, even though train platforms only have one way to exit onto the concourse, and she’d be walking back onto the train tracks she’s just travelled down, and that’d be rather dangerous.

Fast-forward two weeks later, and she’s flat-sharing with Birdy (Bel PowleyDetour), Nell (Marli SiuThe Irregulars) and Fran (Elizabeth Twells), going out on Friday nights, drinking a lot and taking drugs, buying crap food from a takeaway, whilst working crap jobs for minimum wage and bed-hopping with young men.

There’s flashbacks to when Maggie and Birdy met at school, and naturally, Maggie and Street will meet later on, but once again, we have a bunch of millennials doing not very much, a la Normal People and Conversations with Friends.

If you like those sorts of dramas, you might like this. As for me, I’d rather trap my privates in the car door.

I was going to say that on the plus side, it’s set in Manchester… but that’s just the opening scene. So, you could just watch that and skip the rest.

Everything I Know About Love is on BBC1 tonight at 10.40pm. It’s not yet available to pre-order on Blu-ray or DVD. However, you can buy the paperback book on Amazon.

The entire series is now on the BBC iPlayer.

Everything I Know About Love – Official Trailer – BBC

Series Directors: China Moo-Young, Julia Ford
Producers: Simon Maloney
Writer/Novel: Dolly Alderton

Birdy: Bel Powley
Maggie: Emma Appleton
Nell: Marli Siu
Fran: Elizabeth Twells
Gabbi: Sia Kiwa
Street: Connor Finch
Nathan: Ryan Bown
Neil: Jordan Peters