Extinction: The Facts – The DVDfever Review – David Attenborough’s latest hour of hype-filled scaremongering

Extinction: The Facts Extinction: The Facts – like Climate Change: The Facts – is another endless, scaremongering bluff and bluster from David Attenborough, which only has the facts that the title is “Extinction: The Facts” and the name of the presenter. Beyond that, it’s all specious reasoning presented as fact.

Attenborough is telling yet more falsehoods. This man flew around the world for 60 years, then claimed mankind flying is a bad thing. Don’t believe his lies…

And no doubt, this documentary will get up the backs of the Black Lives Matter brigade after they’ve finished smashing up restaurants with gay abandon, because the BBC have a banner: “Our Planet Matters“.

In this review, I’ll take a number of points in turn, starting with when we get a snippet of a BBC News headline: “1 million species are on the brink of extinction” (for both animals and plants), which just happens to be a nice round number AND puts the fear of hell into you, as the BBC propaganda machine is meant to do. The large number of species is “biodiversity” and you must take a shot of vodka every time that word comes up in the dialogue. You’ll be on the floor after ten minutes.

One good example of their bullplop is that as you go on a long journey these days, you don’t end up with oodles of dead bugs on your windshield (which I remember from the ’80s), and that THIS is the proof insects are dying off… Erm… no. Cars are more aerodynamic these days, hence the bugs just bounce off, and this is done to PRESERVE insects.

We’re told plants dying off leads to buildings collapsing because they’re not in the ground for their roots to hold them up… erm… you’d have to have some pretty shonky designs in order to cause that.

They also get on to the increased amount of flooding – No, that’s because the councils never rod the drains out any more, so the water builds up and stays above ground. It also doesn’t help that people poor chip fat down the drain (causing ‘fatbergs’) and women flush tampons down the toilet rather than putting them in the bin, causing blockages. But one of that is mentioned here.

I’m amazed that what’s also never mentioned, is the name of Greta Thunberg, and you can see her latest missive below…

Greta Thunberg delivers the ULTIMATE Mic Drop in Berlin!

There’s also the topic of shooting animals for the illegal wildlife trade. Well, that’s not what most people do, so again, stop trying to extrapolate those comparatively few murderers to the entire human race in order to fill your allotted hour. Same goes for pangolins being killed for their scales.

Overpopulation also comes up, but you could just place a rule of ‘two children per family’. China did that for one child, and then this rule ended in 2015, but then people don’t like being told what to do.

David Attenbore shows the last two Northern White Rhinos on the planet, and states how they’re on the brink of extinction, and don’t expect them to mate any time soon because they’re mother and daughter. Well, that’s nature! Not everything is meant to survive! WE are not meant to live forever as a species. We’ll all die off one day. Even if we keep going on Earth for as long as we can, one day, the Sun will burn out and we’ll be up poo creek!

Naturally, they throw COVID19 into the mix, saying “there’ll be more epidemics, and some could be even worse than this”. The pangolins are blamed for COVID19, when it was a virus created in a lab in Wuhan, China, in order to help quell the riots over there. The Chinese government are ruthless bastards who’ll make any resident disappear if they don’t like the cut of their gib.

Before long, they also get onto Attenbore’s favourite scaremongering topic: climate change. What did California blame their fires on before “climate change” became the buzzword?

What is the solution? Hydrogen fuel cell cars are an answer – better than electric because you don’t need to keep charging them all over the place, especially at home where you’d need a dedicated charging port for them, which means most people would have to have a cable trailing from their front door and left overnight. That wouldn’t work because someone would trip over it in the dark and claim a health and safety hazard, or could damage it and then you’re a bit stuck.

Make the hydrogen fuel cell cars more affordable for the general public, and note that these only output water, so it’s a slam dunk!

But then, the governments of the world don’t want to divert from petrol because they make a shedload of tax from it.

Extinction: The Facts is on BBC1 tonight at 8pm, and then will be on the BBC iPlayer. It’s unlikely to be released on Blu-ray or DVD as a standalone documentary.

Extinction: The Facts – Official Trailer – BBC

Director: Charlotte Lathane
Producer: Charlotte Lathane
Music: Rob Manning
Presenter: David Attenborough