Seven Worlds One Planet Episode 1 – The DVDfever Review – David Attenborough

Seven Worlds One Planet
Seven Worlds One Planet is David Attenborough‘s 376th trip around the world to film a documentary for the BBC.

Sorry, I meant SIR David Attenborough, although how he got a knighthood is beyond me. If mankind is the one destroying this planet, then surely ‘Airmiles Attenborough’ comes top of the pile for contributing the most.

The title refers to the number of continents on Earth, which first existed as one and was known as Pangea. But, thanks to nature, it split up into those seven continents. Over seven episodes, each one will be looked at in turn, but note that one day, all of those will eventually reform into one. Again, thanks to Mother Nature.

The first episode is set in Antarctica where only the Weddell Seal manages to survive in icy conditions. Fights break out between elephant seals which is quite amusing – as it looks like a typical night out in Manchester, while later, humpback whales certainly make their presence felt. But when young penguins are left alone while their parents go off to find food, I don’t want to come across all penguinist and say that they all look the same…

But then, we get on to the inevitable “climate change” lecture, and I’ll bring that up later. Attenborough goes on about sea levels rising, but then every 30 years, we’re told that London will be completely flooded within the next 30 years… and it never happens.

A lot of stock is put by some into Swedish child Greta Thunberg and her apparently advanced climate science knowledge, yet as the two videos below will show, when she’s asked direct questions about the climate, she has zero answers before being ushered away by her minder; and for the second one, she just wants to pass the buck as quickly as possible. The latter took place after her recent “How dare you!”
Violet Beauregarde-style speech, so you’d think she’d be clued up on every precise thing that she needs to say, yes…? Erm… nope!

Also see the video, below, from when Mark Dice discussed Ms Thunberg.

Whenever anything is described as a “catastrophe”, it never is. It’s a buzzword. It’s scaremongering. Unless you haven’t paid your mortgage, and the baliffs are at the front door. THEN that is a catastrophe.

All the governments of the world will do is charge you “green taxes” which they state will be spent on “fighting climate change”, but because there’s nothing to spend it on, it’ll just go into their pockets.

Climate change is naturally occuring, and has been around for the last 4.6bn years, because that’s how long the Earth has been around.

People will try and tell you that the Earth has never been hotter than it is now, but also that the records only go back to around the start of the industrial revolution. Common sense would tell you that 150 years versus 4.6bn years is a drop in the ocean. In fact, the latter time period is 30666666.66 (recurring) longer than the industrial revolution, so if you were a betting man or woman, you would HAVE to stake your house on it being hotter in the past than it is now.

Greta Thunberg has nothing to say about the climate! – Stockholm 4 April 2019 – Marc Reisinger

Greta Thunberg without a script is stumped when asked what her message is – Caldron Pool

Meet Their New Leader! – Mark Dice

Climate change means that the climate cools/heats/cools/heats etc. Everything will change. One day, we WILL have another ice age. Mankind WILL die out, and there will be nothing we can do about it.

One day, the sun will expand and wipe out our entire universe, so if, as a society, we haven’t advanced in technology to be able to progress to another planet, then we’ll be history. And no doubt, by then, Brexit STILL won’t have been sorted out.

Oh, and Seven Worlds One Planet features mammals in peril, all backed up by moving-style chase music and starting to feel like Jaws, but then do see when he went into overdrive with this during Climate Change: The Facts.

On the plus side, you do get to see a ’69’ taking place between two hermaphrodite creatures.

Next up is winter, and the annual COP Conference, this time in Santiago, from December 2nd to 13th. 300,000 people will FLY to one place for a two-week jolly to pretend mankind is a huge threat to the planet (they FLY there, remember?), and then do nothing for those two weeks other than sit about and pleasure themselves. Then, they stay on for an extra two days to make some amazing ‘deal’ (yeah, as if the hotel and meeting rooms weren’t booked in advance for that?!) and then leap up and down on their desks.

We even get to see one crew member blubbing on camera about ‘climate change’. That’s the most staged thing of all.

If you believe all that, then I’ve got some magic beans to sell you.

Seven Worlds One Planet begins tonight at 6.15pm on BBC1. It’s available to pre-order on Blu-ray, 4K Blu-ray and DVD, ahead of its release on December 2nd.

After broadcast, each episode will be on the BBC iPlayer.

Seven Worlds One Planet – Series Trailer – BBC One