Fatal Attraction (2023) – The DVDfever Review – Paramount+ – Lizzy Caplan

Fatal Attraction 2023 Fatal Attraction (2023), like Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies and American Gigolo, is a new version of one of Paramount’s famous intellectual properties.

Obviously no spoilers about the series itself, but I will mention one key aspect about the ending of the 1987 original movie, because this series uses that moment as a jumping-off point. So, if you haven’t seen the film, stop reading this and go watch that first.

Okay, all caught up? Good.

The reason I mentioned that is because the first thing we see is Joshua Jackson (The Affair), looking nicely washed out as the haggard Dan Gallagher, but then Michael Douglas didn’t look so hot when Glenn Close was rather giving him the runaround, either.

He’s up before the beak, convicted of second degree murder, for 15 years to life, because he killed Alex Forrest, as shown at the end of the film, even though in that outing, at least, it could be argued as self-defence… even though he shouldn’t have dipped his wick in the first place. So, this is an interesting adaptation and an extension on the original material

15 years on from his conviction, he’s up for parole, and if he gets out, he would like to see his family, including reconnect with his daughter, Ellen (Alyssa JirrelsBoo, Bitch), who’s now considerably older than she was when he was locked up.

There’s also flashbacks to Dan being smug in his lawyer job, with him wanting to become a judge (nah, he’s got too much hair to fit one of those silly wigs comfortably, surely?!), and this version is set in the present day, so Dan uses his mobile phone, for example, which wouldn’t have been in common use in 1987.

As for Alex, after Glenn Close, it must take someone who’s quite something to be her equivalent, but I could imagine Lizzy Caplan (Allied) pulling this off. And only just before this, I saw Mean Girls for the first time, although initially, I thought her character was played by Lacey Chabert.

For those completely new to this, Dan and Alex are in the same line of work, but haven’t really worked together, yet, and are just getting to know each other. Cue meeting by chance at times…

Fatal Attraction (2023)’s opener feels a little disjointed, but then it’s only just setting the scene, and getting you used to the format. However – and the trailer shows this – once he’s out of jail, how can he claim he didn’t kill Alex, when in the first few minutes (so I feel it’s safe to mention this, here) he admitted to the parole board that he did it voluntarily? Kinda sealed his own fate, surely?

I’ve also seen episode 2, and while I won’t go into any detail, I will say that after Dan basically eats, shoots and leaves, events do start to suitably pick up the pace. So, perhaps, it is starting to get to the point without ‘rabbiting’ on too much. (Don’t worry, THAT hasn’t happened as of yet, and since at the time of writing, I haven’t seen any further episodes, I don’t know if it does.)

Additionally, Amanda Peet (also co-writer/creator of The Chair) takes the role of much-put-upon wife, Beth Gallagher, but as of yet, she hasn’t had chance to make her mark.

I will watch more, but it’d be better to see this when it’s streaming as subtitles will be included, as they’re not on the preview version. For example, there was a scene in episode 2 where Dan’s in the car, talking to someone on the phone (hands free, not holding it, thankfully!), but the phone voice is so tinny, it’s difficult to tell what the other person is saying.

Fatal Attraction (2023) is not available to pre-order on Blu-ray or DVD, but is on Paramount+ from Monday May 1st, with one episode available at launch, and then weekly episodes.

Fatal Attraction (2023) – Official Trailer – Paramount+

Detailed specs:

Running time: 45-50 minutes per episode (8 episodes, weekly)
Release date: May 1st 2023
Studio: Paramount+
Format: 2.00:1

Series Directors: Silver Tree, Pete Chatmon
Producer: Jonathan Talbert
Writers: James Dearden, Alexandra Cunningham, Kevin J Hynes, Luke Groneman, Tandace Khorrami, Stacy A Littlejohn, Katherine B McKenna
Music: Craig DeLeon

Dan Gallagher: Joshua Jackson
Alex Forrest: Lizzy Caplan
Beth Gallagher: Amanda Peet
Ellen Gallagher: Alyssa Jirrels
Mike Gerard: Toby Huss
Earl Broker: Reno Wilson
Richard Macksey: David Meunier
Arthur Tomlinson: Brian Goodman
Frank Gallardo: David Sullivan
Stella: Isabella Briggs
Benny: Carlos Pratts
Rolando Cabral: Gary Perez
Phil Packer: Burt Bulos
Gabriel Ibarra: Tiago Roberts