Feel Good – The DVDfever Review – Mae Martin, Lisa Kudrow

Feel Good Feel Good begins with comedienne Mae (Mae Martin) going into the Frog and Bucket club in Manchester, just before her slot, and it’s a very high stage to walk onto.

I know that from when I once died a quick death on there during a Beat The Frog ‘gong show’ night. Kudos to the audience letting me get through my rather overlong opening joke, and then when I delivered the punchline… all three cards in the audience (indicating ‘get off!’) were held aloft at the exact same moment, which was probably the best laugh I got on the night…

She meets George (Charlotte Ritchie), who was sat in the audience, and classes as “a dangerous Mary Poppins“, and even though Charlotte is straight, a mutual attraction develops between the two women. It does get a bit awkward between them at first, with Mae blurting out, “Do you like films?“, while George interrupts, “Do you want to kiss me?“, and the evening plays on from there into Blissville, as they go back to George’s flat.

Mae – whose mother is played by Lisa Kudrow – loves that George is her ‘English Rose’, to the point where she does seem slightly obsessed with her. However, George isn’t aware before they move in that Mae is an ex-drug addict and trying to avoid rehab, and she realises that neither of them know each other at all. Still, love makes fools of us all.

Feel Good begins tonight on Channel 4 at 10pm. The series is not yet available to pre-order on Blu-ray or DVD.

After broadcast of episode one, the entire series will be on All 4.

Feel Good – Series Trailer – Channel 4

Episodes 1-2 Score: 7/10

Director: Ally Pankiw
Producer: Kelly McGolpin
Writers: Joe Hampson, Mae Martin

Mae: Mae Martin
George: Charlotte Ritchie
Kevin: Tom Andrews
Phil: Phil Burgers
David: Ramon Tikaram
Lava: Ritu Arya
Nick: Tobi Bamtefa
Binky: Ophelia Lovibond
Brenda: Rosalind March
Karen: Sindhu Vee
Hugh: Tom Durant Pritchard
Linda: Lisa Kudrow
Pete Lewis: Steen Raskopoulos
Jared: Al Roberts
Felicity: Pippa Haywood
Maggie: Sophie Thompson