Forest of Liars – PS4 Kickstarter now live

Forest of Liars
Forest of Liars is coming to PS4 and describes itself as a narrative adventure, and based on this trailer, it looks absolutely gorgeous.

Umeshu Lovers Studio describe this game as follows:

    Forest of Liars is an adventure video game which takes place in the titular forestt, a vast, lush labyrinth where explorers unmask the mysteries of a realm where many have entered but none have ever returned.

    There, you will encounter secretive strangers who can assist you on your quest to reach the forest’s heart. The core of the game lies in your interactions with your traveling companions as well as the many decisions you will need to make in a world as beautiful as it is dangerous.

    Your choices will guide you either to the breathtaking marvels of the forest or to an untimely and brutal death if you ignore the dangers that surround you. Follow your instincts, but heed the advice of your followers when you face down a new challenge.

    Over the course of your travels, you will encounter numerous wayfarers who will offer their aid. But be wary of new friendships: certain fellow travelers may pose a danger to you and your followers through physical violence or through manipulation and lies.

    You will need to sort out the truth from the lies in the advice given by your companions in order to decide how to react to the many obstacles that stand between you and survival.

    The crux of the gameplay rests on the balance you find with your travel companions. A good hunter may easily find and bring back food, but may keep everyone up at night with his snoring. A talented herbalist may be hiding a pyromania obsession that comes out only when the campfire is lit at night.

    But these character flaws can be used to your advantage. Once you have determined with certainty that someone in your company is a liar, you can avoid getting caught in a trap by always doing the opposite of what he or she suggests.

    With more than 75 different character features and more than 15,000 possible combinations, you will experience new and unexpected encounters every time you play.”

Check out the Forest of Liars Kickstarter here, which is looking to raise 90,000 Euros.

Check out the trailer below and click on the picture for the full-size version: