Grelox Contagion – Let’s Play on ZX Spectrum Next & First impressions!

Grelox Contagion Grelox Contagion is a new game for the ZX Spectrum Next, developed by Sunteam’s Paul Weller, and published by Bitmap Soft, and has a feel of the classic ’80s game Boulder Dash to it.

Here, I “Let’s Play” through 5 levels… and only five because I’m not the greatest at this, but in the video description, there are timestamps if you want to skip my fumblings and get to the next one.

If you buy the game, you’ll also get an earlier release, Grelox: Colony 7, plus some extras which are exclusive to the physical release, namely: a ‘Behind the Scenes’ special and HD Wallpapers for your PC. The catalogue number is ZXHO0008, and you can buy it from here.

Synopsis: After departing Colony 7, Grelox receives a distress call. The Xicus system has been stricken with a deadly contagion and an urgent plea has gone out to collect the rare vegetation from nearby planets in order to formulate a vaccine. Reluctantly, Grelox turns her ship around and heads for the nearest planet…

Grelox: Contagion is a puzzle/action game where you have to maneuver blocks, hit switches to open gates, and avoid the roaming monsters while collecting all the plants on each level.

It consists of a whopping 100 levels across 10 different worlds and features an auto-save and level select. Controls are redefinable and joystick optional.

Check out the gameplay below:

Let’s Play Grelox Contagion on ZX Spectrum Next – New 2020 Bitmap Soft game!