Q*Bee on ZX Spectrum Next – The DVDfever Review

Q*Bee Q*Bee is an engaging new version of the classic arcade game Q*Bert, where a bee now replaces the rather odd-looking round character with legs and a long Pinocchio-sized hooter.

That game was ported to many different consoles over the years, but if there’s one thing that stood out from any other back in the day, it’s the isometric 3D style. Pretty much every top-down game, such as Pac-Man, gave you a simple up/down/left/right manouver with the joystick, whereas Q*Bert would move diagonally, with the aim being that each block needs to be touched once to change it from one colour to another, such as blue to yellow in an early level. This required you to think a bit differently and if you weren’t of sharp mind, you’d jump off the edge of the platforms with ease.

Pre-order it from here: DLO Games (expected release: June 2020)

For the full Q*Bee review on ZX Spectrum Next, check out the video below: