Montana Mike on ZX Spectrum Next – The DVDfever Review

Montana MikeMontana Mike is a new platformer for the ZX Spectrum Next – and the third physical release ever (and also from Spectrum Next Games, following Dungeonette and DeltaStar Earth Defence) which will take our titular intrepid action hero through the Aztec Ruins of Mexico, into the catacombs of Ra in Egypt, beneath the city of London, and to Emperor Ming’s palace in China.

This type of game doesn’t really need any sort of major explanation, but I will state that while the box contains a map of the level, this is just for the first one, in Mexico, and there are four levels altogether, as stated above, with a total of around 170 rooms.

There are dangers on every screen, so be sure to memorise as many as you can, since even after a few attempts, I was blindly walking into the falling rock on screen two, from time to time. However, while it’s easy to lose a life, note that extra lives are spread around the caverns.

Kill all the baddies, then go off the screen and back onto it again, and they all reappear, so try not to do that, so as not to waste your bullets! And if you’re using your whip, it’s the tip which does the damage, so be careful when aiming and make sure to catch them at the right moment. With practice, this tends to be when they’re at the maximum length of the whip away from you, so you won’t get them when they’re right up close and you’re starting to panic!

Montana Mike Level 1 – Gameplay video – ZX Spectrum Next – DVDfeverGames

In addition, when crouching or running-to-jump, note that Mike doesn’t crouch *immediately* but instead, a moment later, so factor that in when time is of the essence.

As stated, there are around 170 rooms spread out over 4 levels, and it’s far from an easy game, so you’re sure to get your money’s worth.

If I had to say one thing that’s missing in it, there’s no backing music, but then you can just play the Indiana Jones theme in the background… perhaps from the Atari 2600 version of Raiders of the Lost Ark for that retro feel?

Montana Mike certainly does have that ‘just one more go’ factor, and since it’s pretty hard, you’ll be having many goes!!!

Montana Mike is released this Friday on ZX Spectrum Next from Spectrum Next Games – as both a digital download and a limited edition physical copy and you can check out my unboxing below.

Out on the same day is the physical Gold Compilation which includes this game, plus Dungeonette and DeltaStar Earth Defence for the princely sum of £16.99!

Also, tell Adrian that you bought it after reading this review!

Score: 8.5/10

Montana Mike is priced at £4.99 to download and £9.99 in boxed form. As I type, I’m awaiting my boxed version, and will soon do a short video on that once it arrives, and include that here.

Montana Mike – ZX Spectrum Next unboxing

Important info:

  • Developer: Spectrum Next Games
  • Publisher: Spectrum Next Games
  • Players: single-player