GTA Online – Rockstar Game Tips: Dominating Capture Jobs

Dominating Capture Jobs

Dominating Capture Jobs is what this GTA V feature is all about as this Friday sees the release of the Capture Creator update, and there’s double GTA$ and RP currently active for all Capture Jobs, as the latest edition of Rockstar’s Game Tips focuses on this teamwork-based GTA Online mode. Crews live and die on their powers of communication in this tug-of-warfare and your wits need to be just as sharp as your trigger finger, so here are some of our best pointers and strategies to help you and your Crew assert control.

For more information about Rockstar’s recommended Capture Jobs, check out this article from Tuesday which goes into more detail about them.


General Advice:

  • Teamwork is crucial to success in Capture Jobs so it should go without saying that headsets are a must for all players. If you can’t communicate then you’re not going to be on the same page.
  • Similarly, working together as a team or Crew is the only way to guarantee success. Capture Jobs are no place for lone wolves. If you’re a Crew Leader then consider assigning roles according to each Job. For example, you’ll want your best driver collecting the buses in “All Abhorred“, your best pilot escorting them from the sky, your top gunman guarding your base (or infiltrating your opponent’s when you’re down) and so forth.
  • When the stakes are evenly stacked, sometimes all it takes is a phone call to an influential friend to tip the scales. Be sure to use Lester to reveal the radar blips of your enemies, or to hide your own, especially at key strategic times like when trying to deliver a package or vehicle.
  • Be sure to use weapons with suppressors attached to stay off the enemies’ radars. To the same end, travel on foot when possible (driving will automatically make you show up on radars) and resist the urge to hammer the sprint button when close to an enemy base.
  • Learn each location and consider unorthodox routes to objectives. If there’s one obvious route to a bag or a base, chances are the enemy will be taking it too and may have it locked down.



  • Looking after your own base is just as important as attacking the opposition’s. Consider using vehicles to blockade entrances to your base to slow down would-be infiltrators.
  • Have one person hang back to defend your bag at all costs. It’s also a good idea for them to call Lester and reveal the other team’s blips on their radar.
  • Your bag is going to be harder to steal if it is next to a primed Sticky Bomb. Or prefer a cheaper option? Consider using the Jerry Can to douse the area in gasoline and turn up the heat on any intruders.
  • In “Baggage Handlers“, it can be tempting to rush to the helicopters in the center of the map, but the fire engines located around the edges may be a better option. They offer decent protection and speed for attacking the opposing base and are a less obvious choice than the choppers.


  • Right at the beginning of the Job, seize control of the neutral bags before thinking about attacking the other teams’ bases.
  • Explosives can clear out an opponent’s base in preparation for a coordinated attack – bombard them with grenades or rockets, or drop a call to Merryweather and call in an Airstrike.



  • When escorting vehicles back to your base, have one of your team call in a helicopter for air support, and at least one other member on a fast vehicle to scout the roads ahead. They should engage any waiting attackers and be prepared to jump into the target vehicle should the driver get taken out.
  • In “Field of Screams“, while the Fieldmaster might not be the quickest, it can handle any terrain so stay off the roads and take a less predictable route back to your base. Also, if possible leave some of your team members near the center of the map to fight over the next Fieldmaster when it spawns upon successful delivery.
  • At the start of “My Maibatsu“, the spot where the Sanchez bikes are located can be a bloodbath – so seize control early on. If you jump straight onto a bike you’re likely to get taken out so it’s worth holding down the area until things get more spread out and you can negotiate a safe route back to your base.
  • Safely escorting buses in “All Abhorred” can be difficult, especially if your opponents are more intent on destroying than intercepting. Focus on one bus at a time, with teammates escorting it home from the air and from both in front and behind, preferably on fast bikes. You may also want a player in a chopper trying to disrupt the opposition’s efforts.



  • Run the middle – exerting control over the point where the bag spawns is important. When you have the bag, resist any urge to scatter. Deploy as many people as are required to successfully return it to your base, but also try and maintain control of that spawn point for the next grab.
  • At the start of “Townhall Trinity“, split into pairs and use the motorbikes provided. The person riding pillion should grab the bags while the driver gets in position for the getaway. The key is to keep moving, stay with your partner and use alleyways as opposed to the open roads.
  • Land, Sea or Air is the question in “Salty Snatch” as you fight over duffle bags located at the end of the pier on Chumash Beach. However you decide to negotiate this bottleneck, co-ordinate with your team so that they have your back. The key access points to the bag are the ladder from the ocean to the left of the pier; the main entrance to the pier from the street; and from the sky by parachute. Controlling the pier is the key to victory so have a gunman watching each of these spots, and a spotter in a helicopter relaying the movements of the opposing team, and you’ll be home and hosed in no time.

If you want to pass on any tips back to Rockstar, let them know in their comments page.