Hitman: World of Assassination – PS4 Trailer

World of Assassination

Hitman is, as the title suggests, a new Hitman game!

It’s bound to be better than the recent movie reboot starring Homeland‘s Rupert Friend (right), and is set in a world of assassination (as per this new trailer), which is said to be more of an open-world event than ever before as in the contracts mode, some baddies are only available once while others will come around again, but for those where you only get – literally – one shot, they’re gone forever if you miss out.

You’ll travel to exotic locations around the world and take out high profile targets as Agent 47 returns in the biggest game in the series ever created.

Let’s just hope they don’t screw the game up as they did with Hitman Absolution, when it would sometimes finish levels off for you.

All that said, I think “World of Assassination” would’ve suited this as a subtitle to the brand, rather than just ‘Hitman’ again, making it sound like 2014’s Thief reboot, which could make it confused with the original.

IO interactive are putting this out first as a digital release prior to physical copy, in a landscape which will evolve as time goes on. There’s also a console-exclusive Beta for PS4 when you pre-order the game, and 6 unique contracts as DLC which are also exclusive to PS4.

And once again, David Bateson will be the voice of Agent 47, as he confirmed on Twitter:

Check out the trailer below and click on the above image of the full-size version: