I Am Victoria – The DVDfever Review – Channel 4 – Suranne Jones

I Am Victoria I Am Victoria sees the return of 2019’s “I Am” series with another trilogy of episodes, this time beginning with Suranne Jones as Victoria, who’s stressed as she’s working from home, with this also eating into family time and seeing her snap at her husband, Chris (Ashley Walters), and her children.

One such example is going into overdrive about ordering tiles for clients, only to find they’re out of stock, and being notified of that many months down the line. Add in her eldest daughter, Deborah, dropping by because she needs a handout due to getting behind on her rent and other bills, Victoria shows, when alone, that she’s clearly got some sort of issues going on, as she tidies her hair and smiles like she’s in an Aphex Twin video.

In fact, she looks like she’s about to crack, and can’t even switch off from looking at her phone every five minutes, even when she’s meant to be asleep (tip: I try to avoid any sort of social media or my phnoe a couple of hours before bedtime, so I’m not stressed with that). Beyond that, her trip to Stress Farm continues because she still wants to put on the perfect dinner parties, etc. and from the perfect house… basically, keeping up with the Joneses.

However, part way through, Chris spots that she needs help, but will she seek it out and take it?

This is an interesting, brief study of the beginning of a breakdown, but it’s only 45 minutes (plus ads) and doesn’t have time to go into major detail about their lives and careers, I Am Victoria only starts to offer any answers. Perhaps the answer, in reality, is that if you see yourself in the titular character – whether female or male, in terms of whatever you’re dealing with – you seek help for it. I saw this as a preview, but I expect the appropriate phone number will be given out at the end of the programme.

Now, Ashley Walters, can we have another series of Top Boy, please?

I Am Victoria is on Channel 4 on Thursday August 5th at 9pm. After broadcast, it will be on All 4.

It is not yet available to pre-order on Blu-ray or DVD.

Score: 6/10

Director: Dominic Savage
Producer: Krishnendu Majumdar
Writer: Dominic Savage
Story: Dominic Savage, Suranne Jones
Music Anthony John

Victoria: Suranne Jones
Chris: Ashley Walters
Hayley: Isabelle Lewis
Mia: Amelie Lewis
Deborah: Alice Feetham
Grace: Alisha Bailey
Sam: Leemore Marrett Jr
Therapist: Anthony Newell