Jackdaw – The DVDfever Cinema Review – Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Jenna Coleman

Jackdaw Jackdaw shows that if I thought Baghead was going to be the low point of the movie week, this film stopped me and shouted, “Hold my beer!”

Someone’s clearly been watching Titanic too much, since Oliver Jackson-Cohen‘s lead character is called Jack Dawson, nicknamed the ‘Jackdaw’ of the title. He’s been ripped off by some psycho weirdo called Silas (Joe BlakemoreThe Hunt For Raoul Moat), looking like Michael McKean’s David St. Hubbins from This Is Spinal Tap, who, in turn, has something another oddball, Armstrong (Rory McCannThe Irregulars), also wants. And so on…

Meanwhile, after being away for months, Jack is trying to find his brother, Simon (Leon HarropRalph And Katie), whilst also coming across cutesy Bo (Jenna Coleman, who starred in Wilderness, alongside Jackson-Cohen).

Thomas Turgoose (The Gallows Pole) also turns up as Craig, the inappropriate comedy relief, making this feel like as if it’s two film genres mixed together – and neither working out.

Low budget? Low script content, morelike, the only thing in abundance being very cliched dialogue.

Plus, I only came to this for Ms Coleman, and she’s only in it for about 20 minutes, overall. For the rest of the time, the best part was simply hearing Robin S’ 1993 dance remix of Show Me Love.

Jackdaw is in cinemas now, but isn’t yet available to pre-order on Blu-ray or DVD. However, once announced, it will appear on the New DVD Blu-ray 3D and 4K releases UK list.

Jackdaw – Official Trailer – Paramount Movies

Detailed specs:

Running time: 97 minutes
Release date: January 26th 2023
Studio: Vertigo Releasing
Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1
Cinema: Odeon Trafford Centre
Rating: 2/10

Director: Jamie Childs
Producers: Jamie Childs, Kate Glover, Callum Grant, Sébastien Raybaud
Screenplay: Jamie Childs
Music: Si Begg, Deadly Avenger (as Damon Baxter)

Jack Dawson: Oliver Jackson-Cohen
Bo: Jenna Coleman
Craig: Thomas Turgoose
Armstrong: Rory McCann
Silas: Joe Blakemore
Mia: Rochelle Goldie
Simon: Leon Harrop
Amy: Indie Rae Moat