JM07 DEM – the notorious truck (for me, at least)

JM07 DEM If there’s one thing I hate when I’m driving, it’s other road users. There’s too many of them, and almost all of them get right up my nose. Or more accurately, right up my backside. Step forward, Mr JM07 DEM!

Yesterday on the M60, I had this from a lorry, yet again. When the traffic’s busy, and you’re trying to cross lanes so you can get home, this might involve going more slowly than you’d like, so what you really don’t need is someone crawling right up your butt, especially if it’s something that, had I required to brake hard, I would have been crushed to death.

Any time I come across a vehicle who irritates me, from cutting me up to making death threats, I’ll do my level best to make a mental note of their registration number. If there was damage to my car, I’d take it to the police, but most of the time, I’ll just vent my spleen online. Chances are, no-one else will have shared their details and so nothing more will come of it, but yesterday was different.

While the lorry was so close I couldn’t see his at first, it was when I turned off the M60 that he zoomed ahead and I caught sight of his details. Once I’d parked up, I entered “JM07 DEM” into Google in my phone just so I didn’t forget later, but lo and behold, the vehicle has been spotted previously, albeit under different circumstances. According to the picture, it was taken at Hillhead Quarry Show, in Buxton… by someone called Ian Lawson. Maybe he was driving, yesterday? Who knows.

Either way, you may think I’m just having a moan, but the fact is, if you drive so close that you can’t see any part of the road inbetween you and the vehicle in front, then you’re a danger to them and everyone else. You need at least one car length gap on a normal road, but two car lengths on a motorway, as you’re driving at a faster speed.

Drivers who don’t indicate is another pet peeve of mine, along with cyclists who jump the lights or ride on the pavement… and jaywalking pedestrians. I may moan about all that, soon.

Picture credit: Ian Lawson.