Wes Anderson – Come Together starring Adrien Brody – H&M

Wes Anderson Wes Anderson is a genius of a director, his most recent movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel, being both a critical and box-office triumph, so good on H&M for choosing him to direct their 2016 Christmas advert, knocking all of the others into a cocked hat, even though that was a piece of (Christmas) cake.

In an advert set on a train, he’s joined by long-time collaborator Adrien Brody, as announcer Ralph, telling the passengers about a long delay to their journey, necessitating Christmas taking place on their train instead, so that they don’t miss out.

It also features Wes Anderson’s trademarks such as the panning across between sections of the set, as seen in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and Moonrise Kingdom, the latter being the only one of his films I’ve watched which didn’t work for me. Maybe I need to revisit that one.

Naturally, this advert won’t make me shop at H&M any more than I might’ve done…. which is never, but if it’s your bag, then for a fan of this director, it’s definitely money well spent.

Check out the advert below and click on the top image for the full-size version: