Lethal Weapon TV Series trailer – Autumn 2016

Lethal Weapon Lethal Weapon is yet another popular movie franchise getting the TV series spinoff treatment.

Recreating Riggs is one of the hardest characters in film to pull off, as Mel Gibson really made it his own. I’ve never heard of Clayne Crawford before, but he shows definite promise here. That said, the actor has a look of Jack Nicholson about him as he enters Murtagh’s house in the trailer. (correction: on looking him up, he played Kevin Wade in 24 Series 8, back in 2010, but I’ve had a sleep since then).

I was surprised from the trailer that Murtagh’s meant to be 50? They both look about 35-40 (and one of them is), but I didn’t realise at first that the family man is played by Damon Wayans. Whether in a film or TV series, it’s good to see him back in something action-packed since we never did get the much-needed sequel to The Last Boy Scout.

Also starring Jordana Brewster and Chandler Kinney, Lethal Weapon‘s TV series hasn’t yet got an air date, but it’s due out this autumn, so it’s getting a headstart over Fox bringing back Prison Break and 24 next year.

Check out the trailer below and click on the above image for the full-size version: