Marty McFly returns in Lil Nas X promo for Holiday

Marty McFly Marty McFly, from Back To The Future, gave me hope as a kid because he proved that if you put your mind to something, you can achieve anything, and as such, he was always able to get the girl…

Well, that was the ideal, but it still didn’t often work for me, but anyway.

The character, performed by Michael J Fox, took us through a fantastic trilogy, even though the second film got a bad press from those who didn’t quite *get* its dark tone. Part III was a return to more comic fare as they went to the Wild West in 1885, and that’s where we rejoin Marty McFly, who observes Lil Nas X (yep, me neither) dressing up as Father Christmas / Santa Claus, promoting his ne single, Holiday.

And at the end, Marty recounts the well-used meme of “Whatever you don’t, don’t go to the year 2020!”

Oh, and Vernon Kay is also taking part in the new series of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, looking like Marty McFly in the first two films!

Check out the teaser for Holiday below, along with Vernon Kay’s picture: