Midsommar – Trailer 1 – Florence Pugh

Midsommar now has a full trailer and it still looks weird as hell, and like Hereditary, it’s shot in a 2.00:1 widescreen ratio, which doesn’t quite fit either a traditional 1.85:1 or 2.35:1 cinema screen, so if it’s on the latter, it’ll end up put within a 1.85:1 frame, so it’ll have black bars on the sides AND the top and bottom, looking windowboxed, same as with Tomorrowland. Why can’t they just go with the norm?

Check out the trailer below:

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March 5th:

Midsommar is a new horror/thriller from the writer/director of Hereditary, a film I kept meaning to get round to seeing but never did… so I still should.

It stars Florence Pugh (The Little Drummer Girl, Fighting With My Family) as a young woman called Dani, who reluctantly joins her boyfriend on a summer trip where things quickly go awry.

The trailer just looks like a load of weird stuff is going on, so I definitely will see this, and I’ll also catch up on the aforementioned Hereditary.

Midsommar is released in the UK on August 16th.

Writer/Director: Ari Aster
Also stars: Will Poulter, William Jackson Harper, Jack Reynor, Julia Ragnarsson, Anna Åström

Check out the trailer below: