Monster Energy Supercross on PS4 – The DVDfever Review

Monster Energy Supercross

Monster Energy Supercross is the type of game I haven’t played in a while, and the way it plays when it comes to leaping over humps in the ground, must date back as far as Enduro Racer in the arcade and, a bit later, on the ZX Spectrum. The basics haven’t changed too much, and I can still fall off just as many times because I’m a bit rubbish, although with a title like this, practice does, indeed, make… well, not perfect, but… how shall we say…. improvement.

That can be done by moving your weight around the bike as you jump about, as well as learn how to accelerate and brake at the right time – and not just go full tilt, otherwise you’ll fall off a lot, like me!

However, for me, it’s a bit of fun for a while, and it does have that “just one more go” factor, as an arcade game, but although the 22 riders (including yourself) all jump about in the air individually, and with not a great deal of slowdown, the game mechanics that you control feel like nothing new for this sort of game. Yes, it’s more fluid in the way the graphics move about, but the whole thing feels like a budget title.

For the audio, there’s cheering from the crowd, but for any game like this, the buzzing of a motorbike is rarely going to sound any different than a bee trapped in a tin that’s been violently shaken about.

Unless you’re a die-hard fan of motocross, I wouldn’t lay out £45 while it’s at full price. I’d say wait until it comes down in cost.

Monster Energy Supercross – Race 1 – Daytona – DVDfeverGames

That said, I’m just referring to the arcade game-style section of this package. If you are a die-hard fan of the sport, then in addition to collecting Prestige points such a lapping other races and overtaking people whilst in the air, plus being able to ride official bikes, and the real tracks, as well as playing as those involved in the sport from both 250SX and 450SX classes, there’s a highly versatile track editor with which to create new ones. From jumps to bends, and a selection of stadia, you could literally spend all day creating a new set of tracks to race around, as well as selecting different bikes and change a number of settings.

For those into multiplayer, that option is open to you, but whether multi or individual, the levels take a minute or so to load in, making me wonder why they’re not already in the memory when the game starts?!

Oh, and there’s also a ‘grid girl’ who walks up and down the bikes at the starting position. These are now being outlawed in these ‘PC’ times, even though all she’s showing is a bare midriff – certainly nothing compared to a man in a Diet Coke advert taking his top off and exposing his nip -ples!!!

Why is she now being put out of a job? Oh, the humanity!

Monster Energy Supercross is released today on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC, and click on the packshot for the full-size version.

Monster Energy Supercross – Race 2 – Tiny loop – DVDfeverGames

Important info:

  • Developer: Milestone
  • Publisher: Koch International
  • Players: Single player, online multiplayer