GodinWorld – the Facebook Valentine’s Day app scam

GodinWorld follows social media junk like Kueez in tricking you into handing over all your personal data, since no-one reads the terms and conditions properly when they’re just after a quick ‘lol’ on Facebook, and this site’s latest app reckons it can tell you who your Valentine will be this year.

It reads:

    “Loving and being loved enriches our lives. When people feel sentimentally close to another person, they are happier and even healthier. Love helps us to feel more important, understood and safe, but every kind of love has different traits. The kind of love we feel for our parents is different from that which which we feel for our little baby brother or for our best friend. The kind of love we feel in romantic relationships has very particular characteristics. Generally, all romantic relationships start with physical attraction or, as they say, “love at first sight.” In this test, we’ll show you who is the perfect person to spend these special days with—on which we celebrate love. Do you dare to find out?”

*Dare* to find out? Well, dare to give away all your info. When you go to log in, it tells you, as shown below, that it will take your name, profile picture, your age, your sex and “other public info”. Well, WHAT other public info? And why does it need this anyway?

To spam you to death with marketing junk, from now until the day the world ends… just like all their other ‘apps’, such as: What does your name mean in the bible? How did God make you? and …What will happen to you in February? Well, I’ve just answered that if you DO log in(!)

A friend of mine tried this and found that her Valentine would be Chris Hemsworth, aka Thor from the Marvel movies. If you believe that, or the equivalent, will happen then I have some magic beans I’d like to sell you.