Movies and Slots – a great combo!

Movies and SlotsFrom crude comedies like Ted, to classic dramas like Rocky, many of cinema’s biggest and best blockbusters have been made into slot games you can play online at great websites like bgo casino. Cinema and Gambling have always had a close relationship, movies love to show the glitz and glamour of the casino in great films like Casino Royale, The Hangover and Maverick, while slots games have been hungry for fresh themes ever since the smash hit success of the Wheel of Fortune Slot in the 1970s, it’s a match made in heaven!

But what makes a great movie tie-in slot? According to the experts at bgo casino, there are 5 important things:

  • 1. The stars:

      You want to see the faces of the all the movie’s big-name stars right there on the reels as you spin. Take Playtech’s Rambo video slot for instance. It wouldn’t be the same if it didn’t feature Sylvester Stallone now, would it?

  • 2. The sounds:

      You want to hear all the iconic movie sounds as you play. The beating drums and wild animal cries are what really brings NetEnt’s Jumanji slot to life. And we couldn’t imagine playing Blueprint Gaming’s Mars Attacks! without hearing any funny alien noises.

  • 3. The graphics:

      You want the slot to look just as good as the movie it’s based on, like in the case of NetEnt’s The Invisible Man. This slot of the classic sci-fi flick been designed with the artists at Universal Studios, and there’s no denying it looks awesome.

  • 4. The bonus features:

      You want bonus features like those in Blueprint Gaming’s Ted. This slot’s bonuses take inspiration from your favourite characters and scenes from film. You’ve got Ted’s Beer Shuffles, as well as a hilarious Bar Crawl Bonus.

  • 5. The wins:

      No matter what slot you play, you want to know there’s some decent cash prizes waiting to be won. And it doesn’t get much better than the huge jackpot up for grabs in Platoon Wild Progressive, Playtech’s slot of the classic Vietnam War films.

Hopefully, these 5 points will help you pick what slot to play next. But if you still need help, just check out our list of the 7 best movie tie-in slot games below.

While there’s been plenty of slot games that are a bit generic, we have here an infographic listing 7 slot games that manage to capture the atmosphere of the movies they’re based on while still offering fun additions to gameplay to really brighten up the experience. From the stampeding T-Rex of Jurassic Park to the underdog atmosphere of Rocky, these slot games give you the chance to win an impressive jackpot and really feel like part of the movie.

Movies and Slots