NBA 2K14’s Best New Features


It’s no secret that the NBA has been steadily gaining popularity in Europe, and this means that NBA 2k14 has become a significant video game release, not just in the U.S. but in the UK and elsewhere in Europe as well. The game may not carry quite the same weight as FIFA 14 or perhaps even the new PES game we recently reviewed, but it’s an outstanding new edition for 2k Sports’ NBA franchise, and an absolute blast for a basketball fan to play.

Of course, as tends to be the case in sports gaming, most of the basics are the same – slight adjustments to rosters and gameplay notwithstanding. But here’s a quick look at some of the top features that set NBA 2k14 apart from its predecessors.

The Euroleauge
Gaming fans in the UK and Europe will particularly appreciate this option, as 14 Euro teams have been brought into 2k14. Clubs like Olympiacos, Real Madrid, and CSKA Moscow, among others, all make a nice, smooth debut, with updated rosters that bring European basketball into the game in a very satisfying manner.

LeBron: Path To Greatness
Personally, I assumed I’d detest this mode, as I’m not the biggest Lebron James fan personally, but the fact is it’s a blast. The game mode lets you play out James’ biggest career moments, not from the past, but moving forward. You can choose whether to stay in Miami and build on the Heat’s budding dynasty, or move on in free agency. The latter option opens up an array of scenarios and possibilities that totally alter the league landscape. Furthermore, instead of playing full games and seasons, the mode puts you automatically into big moments, important games, and key shots, forcing you to perform and, again, altering league history moving forward.

The Soundtrack
Much has been made about the fact that Lebron created the game’s soundtrack – or at least had input on it – and whether or not you like him on the court, there’s no denying he did a fantastic job. There are certain songs that just seem to fit in video games, and from Gorillaz, to Jay Z, to Robin Thicke, Lebron compiled a wonderful batch of them, with great variety to keep you engaged. In fact, from this impressive soundtrack, to the much-heralded (and very impressive) in-game commentary, and even the little sneaker squeaks and player voices during gameplay, this is a video game that demands to be heard in rich quality. MySmartBuy have some nice speaker options that you can hook up to your console to emphasize these game features, if this is the sort of thing that can enrich the gaming experience for you.

Enhanced Creation
To some extent, this goes along with the gameplay, graphics, etc., with several small improvements. However, if you’re creating a player or even editing existing players (which is particularly handy in creating a rookie class to “scout” in Association Mode), you’ll notice a lot of new options in form, playing style, and signature skills. It makes creation a bit more of an effort, but gives you more control over players.

All in all, it’s an extremely enjoyable game and a very nice upgrade for 2k.