New Films and TV Shows on all UK Channels and Streaming Services – November 2023

New Films and TV Shows on all UK Channels and Streaming Services – November 2023 New Films and TV Shows on all UK Channels and Streaming Services from now until the end of time!

In each case for a series, the date given will be for the first episode. Some services will have more than one episode available on day one, while others will release a whole series in one go.

In all cases, everything is in English, except where stated.

I’m aiming for this to include forthcoming new shows and original films on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, Disney+, Paramount+, Roku, Sky, BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5, but there’s not always enough info out there for all of them, so if I miss anything coming up, please comment below.

November TV Shows and Movies:

November 1st:

    Hurricane Season – Netflix (Spanish)
    Locked In – Netflix
    Mysteries of the Faith – Netflix docuseries
    Nuovo Olimpo – Netflix (Italian)
    Voleuses – Netflix (French)
    Wingwomen – Netflix (French)

November 2nd:

    All the Light We Cannot See – Netflix (review)
    Cigarette Girl – Netflix (Indonesian)
    Onimusha – Netflix (Japanese Anime)
    Unicorn Academy – Netflix (trailer)

November 3rd:

    Blue Eye Samurai – Netflix (trailer)
    Daily Dose of Sunshine – Netflix (Korean) (trailer)
    Ferry: The Series – Netflix (Dutch)
    Fingernails – Apple TV+ (trailer)
    Nyad – Netflix (trailer)
    The Rescue: Weight of the World – Paramount+ (trailer)

November 5th:

    Lawmen: Bass Reeves – Paramount+ (review)

November 7th:

    De La Calle – Paramount+ docuseries

November 8th:

    Culprits – Disney+
    Escaping Twin Flames – Netflix docuseries
    Robbie Williams – Netflix Docuseries (trailer)
    The Buccaneers – Apple TV+

November 9th:

    Akuma-kun – Netflix (Japanese)
    Bros – Netflix (Hebrew)

November 10th:

    007: Road to a Million – Amazon Prime Reality
    At the Moment – Netflix (Mandarin)
    NCIS: Sydney – Paramount+
    Pippa – Amazon Prime (Hindi)
    ¡Sálvese quien pueda! – Netflix Reality (Spanish)
    The Killer – Netflix (trailer)

November 14th:

    Criminal Code – Netfli (Portuguese)
    How to Become a Mob Boss – Netflix Docuseries
    Suburræterna – Netflix (Italian)

November 15th:

    Feedback – Netflix (Polish)

November 16th:

    Best. Christmas. Ever. – Netflix (trailer)
    In Love and Deep Water – Netflix (Japanese) (trailer)

November 17th:

    A Family Affair – Netflix
    All-Time High – Netflix (French)
    Believer 2 – Netflix (Korean)
    CoComelon Lane – Netflix
    Cryptoshlag – Netflix (French)
    Dashing Through the Snow – Disney+
    Monarch: Legacy of Monsters – Apple TV+ (review)
    Nothing to See Here – Netflix (Spanish)
    Rustin – Netflix (trailer)
    Scott Pilgrim Takes Off – Netflix (trailer)
    The Queenstown Kings – Netflix (trailer)
    Twin Love – Amazon Prime Reality

November 18th:

    The Railway Men – The Untold Story of Bhopal 1984 – Netflix (Hindi)

November 19th:

November 20th:

    Deal Or No Deal (2023 revival) – ITV (review)

November 21st:

    The Choice is Yours – Apple TV+ documentary

November 22nd:

    Crime Diaries: The Celebrity Stylist – Netflix (Spanish)
    Good Burger 2 – Paramount+ (trailer)
    I Don’t Expect Anyone to Believe Me – Netflix (Spanish)
    Squid Game: The Challenge – Netflix Reality (trailer)
    The Velveteen Rabbit – Apple TV+ (trailer)

November 23rd:

    My Daemon – Netflix (Japanese Anime) (trailer)
    Ronnie O’Sullivan: The Edge of Everything (review)

November 24th:

    A Nearly Normal Family – Netflix (Swedish)
    Elena Knows – Netflix (Spanish)
    Doi Boy – Netflix (Thai)
    Elf Me – Amazon Prime (Italian)
    Last Call for Istanbul – Netflix (Turkish)
    Ololade – Netflix (Yoruba)
    Replacing Chef Chico – Netflix (Filipino)
    Wedding Games – Netflix (Portuguese)

November 25th:

    Doctor Who: 2023 Specials Part 1: The Star Beast – BBC1 (review)

November 27th:

    The Doll Factory – Paramount+ (review)

November 28th:

    Comedy Royale – Netflix Reality (Korean)
    Love Like a K-Drama – Netflix Reality (Japanese)
    Onmyoji – Netflix (Japanese Anime) (trailer)

November 29th:

    A Magia de Aruna – Disney+ (Portuguese)
    Bad Surgeon: Love Under the Knife – Netflix Docuseries

November 30th:

    Family Switch – Netflix (trailer)
    Obliterated – Netflix (review)
    The Bad Guys: A Very Bad Holiday – Netflix (trailer)