New Films and TV Shows on all UK Channels and Streaming Services – July 2023

jpg New Films and TV Shows on all UK Channels and Streaming Services from now until the end of time!

In each case for a series, the date given will be for the first episode. Some services will have more than one episode available on day one, while others will release a whole series in one go.

In all cases, everything is in English, except where stated.

I’m aiming for this to include forthcoming new shows and original films on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, Disney+, Paramount+, Roku, Sky, BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5, but there’s not always enough info out there for all of them, so if I miss anything coming up, please comment below.

July 2023 TV Shows and Movies:

July 1st:

    Bawaal – Amazon Prime (Hindi)

July 4th:

    Blindspot (Channel 5) (review)
    The King Who Never Was – Netflix docuseries (Italian)

July 5th:

    1992 – Netflix (Portuguese)

July 6th:

    Deep Fake Love – Netflix Reality (Spanish)
    Fit Check – Amazon Prime (Filipino)
    Gold Brick – Netflix (French)
    Sweet Karaam Coffee – Amazon Prime (Tamil)
    The Effects of Lying – ITVX (trailer)
    Wake Up, Carlo! – Netflix (Portuguese)

July 7th:

    Adhura – Amazon Prime (Hindi)
    Fatal Seduction – Netflix
    Hack My Home – Netflix Reality
    Seasons – Netflix (Filipino)
    The Horror of Dolores Roach – Amazon Prime (review)
    The Out-Laws – Netflix (review)
    Then You Run – Sky (review)
    Wham! – Netflix documentary (in cinemas from June 27th) (review)
    Yodha – Action thriller – Amazon Prime (Hindi)

July 11th:

    Nineteen to Twenty – Netflix Reality (Korean)

July 12th:

    Mr. Car and the Knights Templar – Netflix (Polish)
    Quarterback – Netflix docuseries
    Sugar Rush: The Baking Point – Netflix Reality

July 13th:

    Burn the House Down – Netflix (Japanese) (trailer)
    Devil’s Advocate – Netflix (Arabic)
    Hostel Days – Amazon Prime (Telugu)
    Survival of the Thickest – Netflix (trailer)

July 14th:

    Bird Box Barcelona – Netflix (Spanish) (review)
    Love Tactics 2 – Netflix (Turkish)

July 15th:

    Kohrra – Netflix (Hindu Punjabi)

July 17th:

    The Sixth Commandment – BBC1 (review)

July 18th:

    I Wanna Rock: The ’80s Metal Dream – Paramount+ docuseries
    Surf Girls Hawaii – Amazon Prime Docuseries

July 19th:

    The (Almost) Legends – Netflix (Spanish)

July 20th:

    Supa Team 4 – Netflix

July 21st:

    Fifteen-Love – Amazon Prime
    Stephen Curry: Underrated – Apple TV+ documentary
    They Cloned Tyrone – Netflix (review)

July 23rd:

    Special Ops: Lioness – Paramount+

July 24th:

    Dew Drop Diaries – Netflix

July 27th:

    Happiness for Beginners – Netflix
    Paradise – Netflix (German)
    The Murderer – Netflix (Thai)
    Today We’ll Talk About That Day – Netflix (Indonesian)
    Zoey 102 – Paramount+

July 28th:

    A Perfect Story – Netflix (Spanish)
    Big Nunu’s Little Heist – Netflix (Zulu)
    Captain Fall – Netflix
    How to Become a Cult Leader – Netflix docuseries
    Novela – Amazon Prime (Portuguese)
    The Beanie Bubble – Apple TV+
    The Power Of Parker – BBC1