Nightmare on Morrisons Street

Morrisons I put this down partly to the fact that I’m still feeling rough from last night so I’m not firing on all cylinders.

However, in doing the regular shopping, I opted for Morrisons this time round as they have 10p off every litre of fuel until tomorrow as long as you spend £50.

Fine. I don’t urgently need Carling at the moment, but I can stock up on some of that to pay towards it… but with 20 cans for £14.40 compared to Tesco’s price of 18 cans for £11.00 (and 2 for £20 for those), I’ll lose out on the monetary worth of the ‘offer’.

Okay, so next stop: Pepsi Max. £1.25 at Morrisons compared to £1.50 at Tesco for 2 litres…. As the picture shows, they have NONE! Tons of regular Pepsi, but no Pepsi Max, and let’s not even talk about Coke.

Since Xmas is coming up and vouchers are all the rage, I think I’ve spotted the Holy Grail in a £50 Amazon voucher! Sorted.

Along with a load of other food and stuff, it came to about £94… but didn’t print off a petrol voucher. Why? As the supervisor confirmed when she came over (as the till girl didn’t know why), it’s because the voucher is a CASH item.

I found myself saying that had I known the rest had come to £44, I’d have spent an extra £6 just to make it up to £50, and almost found myself channelling the Witchfinder General in the Sorry I’ve Got No Head sketch below, but… she said I could still do that and she’d print a petrol voucher off.

I did that, collected more receipts and points vouchers and stuff, and waited for the supervisor to come back with the petrol voucher. She was busying between a couple of different areas, faffing with a handheld device and I thought she was contacting someone to print it off, which confused me as I thought it was an easier process than that.

After about 4 minutes, but which felt ten times longer, I then looked in my wallet and realised that one of the vouchers the till girl gave me WAS the petrol voucher.

I really am not awake today, but I am annoyed that they were out of Pepsi Max….

One irony is that I saved £3.10 on the petrol, and since I don’t know the Morrisons layout as well as that of Tesco, I spent far longer in there, and certainly longer than how I’d value my time compared to the £3.10 saving.

So the moral of this story is – don’t bother with vouchers too much.