Britney Spears at Brighton Pride – “Hey, I’m bare, me, one more time!”

Britney Spears
Britney Spears – Am I the only one who thinks she should stop showing us her naked flesh?

Britney Spears came onto the music scene in 1999 with the then-ground-breaking music video, “(Hit Me) Baby One More Time” where she dressed in a schoolgirl outfit, sending the blood-pressure soaring of a lot of men in the UK, and coming off the back (oo-er, missus!) of the ’90s Lads Mag culture.

It was the equivalent of the early ’80s when Duran Duran unleashed the the uncut “Night Version” of Girls On Film, which featured topless women wrestling in baby oil, a thong and a smile.

This is what she’s been doing for a while, similar to Madonna who’s been doing it for a lot longer, and who also should call time on it, because dignity is calling, and will you please answer. In addition, remember the time Britney appeared onstage with Madonna and Christina Aguilera, and Madonna snogged them both? The news showed her kissing Britney, but not Christina…

The media like to skew things, but they only allow two faux lesbians and not three? Who knows.

Britney’s situation reminds me of a time when I was in town one Friday night in February, and while leaving the train station, I walked past a group of young women, one of whom was wearing a skimpy crop top, hot pants and high heels… and had her arms across her chest because she was freezing. I was so inclined to ask, “Why didn’t you bring a coat?!”

Now that’s got me thinking of Wayne’s World 2, when Kim Basinger told Garth, “Take me, Garth!”, to which came the reply: “Where? I’m low on gas and you need a jacket.”

Anyhoo, below you can see the pictures from today’s Metro, screenshots taken from their app.