Ozark Season 4 – Announcement Teaser – Netflix – Jason Bateman

Ozark Season 4 Ozark Season 4 is coming to Netflix. Well, that was expected, but whereas I was thinking this would run for five seasons, season 4 will be the end!

Personally, given how Season 2 (released in 2018) was set in 2021, since at one point the year 2022 is mentioned – and it’s commented as being “next year”, I figured that meant Netflix have a five-year plan for this series. We didn’t quite get one series per year, though. Season 1 came out in July 2017, Season 2 in August 2018 and Season 3 a bit later than expected in March 2020. So that could mean things are on track for five seasons by the end of 2022, but clearly not…

Perhaps five seasons were intended, but with the current pandemic causing a halt to almost all filming, and if they want to reach 2022 as an end point, that explains why Ozark Season 4 won’t have the usual 10 episodes, but a larger 14. Yes, some of the seasons could use a bit of tightening up, and we do need more Sam Dermody in the show, so perhaps they’ll cut things back a bit and give him more prominence? After all, I figured he’d be the dark horse, and whoever appears to be the kingpin at any given point is going to get their butt kicked when Sam becomes as mad as hell and is not going to take it any more!

Ozark Season 4 is coming, but… we don’t yet know when. More news as it comes.

Check out the announcement below:

Ozark Season 4 – Announcement and REACTION!