Partygate – The DVDfever Review – Channel 4 – Georgie Henley

Partygate Partygate is something that shouldn’t have to exist, as a drama. However, it does, because we currently have the most corrupt bunch of bastards in power than I’ve ever seen in my lifetime.

When the COVID19 pandemic began, I was able to work from home before long, but the world became a different place when you couldn’t just drop in on relatives, and even trying to obey the 2-metre rule, later on, when we COULD go round, was crazy and unworkable, but we felt we HAD to make it work.

The death of my father in 2015 was bad enough, but 2021 also saw my mother pass away, and in her case, it was from COVID. She hadn’t been well for a few years, and at least she was at peace. However, when everything to do with parties in No.10 came out, more recently with the ‘Jingle and Mingle’ event in December 2020, the more I’d happily get Duke Nukem to go in there with a pump action shotgun and take out every single one of those fucking cunts.

Yes, I’m fucking angry about the whole thing.

Now, onto the drama, which takes the form of a near-90-minute movie, including advert, so, around 70 minutes in length. It’ll also follow on direct from Great British Bake Off, so should have a lot of eyes on this.

Partygate is largely told from the point of view of fictitious No.10 staff member, Grace Greenwood (Georgie Henley), former special advisor in the Brexit unit at No.10. She states she “loved Boris from the start”. She’s clearly mentally ill. Okay, she doesn’t exist… but there will be people who agree with Boris Johnson, and they are all mentally subnormal.

I doubt many people will be able to forget when the lockdowns first started, in March 2020.

We see all the parties which went on in the back garden of No.10, and which our Bozo Prime Minister claimed were each “a meeting for work purposes”, as well as being shown footage of the cops breaking up impromptu meetings of friends in public spaces, plus the heartbreaking sight of a couple wearing home-made Hazmat suits while welcoming their new daughter at home – just one of many real-life pieces of footage used in this docudrama, along with the funeral in a church where mourners put their chairs together – and were suddenly broken up by a minister (who later did actually apologise).

There’s lots of booze being bought for “socially-distanced drinks”, including those bought in the notorious suitcase-full of wine, and the wine fridge, all of which became part of the Sue Gray report; and she’s the clown who broke the Civil Service code, just like everyone else in that stupid building.

Additionally, there’s testimonies from people who lost loved ones, including children. This makes it even more sickening now we know what happened in our supposed top tier of government.

And if you believe Boris Johnson was in hospital, almost dying from COVID19, I have some magic beans to sell you. After all, a £50 fine was paid for certain individuals attending Boris Johnson’s birthday party on June 19th 2020. They were Boris Johnson, Carrie Johnson and Rishi Sunak – the current Prime Minister, who’s doing his level best to make dodgy deals to increase his own family fortune that already stands at £800m+; and No.10 Downing Street was the most-fined household in the United Kingdom. Yes, the very place where they rules were made. When that general election comes round, as it will within the next 12 months most likely, let’s annihilate these bastards.

I’ll also give a mention for brief appearances from two actors who stand out in this. Around 40 mins in is Craig Parkinson as Lee Cain – a former Downing Street Director of Communications under Boris Johnson, plus Phil Daniels as security guard Michael Ball, complaining about the parties after seeing them going on.

Partygate is very in-depth and absolutely essental viewing, and given the effect the disease had on my family, as well as the families of millions of other people, I would happily garotte every single Tory involved and if they have an issue with me saying that, I’ll happily repeat it to their face.

And that’s a disease which was created in a lab in China and then released deliberately on an unsuspecting world. And if you somehow disagree with that, then just how much do you trust a community Chinese government?

Partygate is on Channel 4 on Tuesday October 3rd at 9.30pm, and will then be on All 4.

Yes, I still call it ‘All 4’. I know it’s technically been rebranded Channel 4, but if I was to say it’s on Channel 4, then it’s on Channel 4… you’d think I’d gone mad.

The series is not yet available to pre-order on Blu-ray or DVD.

Partygate – Official Trailer – Channel 4

Director: Joseph Bullman
Producers: Paul Murphy, Laura McCutcheon
Writer: Joseph Bullman

Grace Greenwood: Georgie Henley
Annabel D’Acre: Ophelia Lovibond
Josh Fitzmaurice: Hugh Skinner
Rory Baskerville: Tom Durant-Pritchard
Alice Lyons: Alice Orr-Ewing
Boris Johnson: Jon Culshaw
Carrie Johnson: Rebecca Humphries
Martin Reynolds: Edwin Flay
Check-out girl: Lisa Davina Phillip
Fanny: Fanny Bacaya
Gisele: Gisele Mbalaga
Lee Cain: Craig Parkinson
Helen MacNamara: Charlotte Richie
Mickey Port: Phil Daniels
Sir Mark Sedwill: Anthony Calf
Cleo Watson: Naomi Battrick
Kate Josephs: Kimberley Nixon
Police Constable: Paul Garner
Shelley Williams-Walker: Alice Lowe