See – The DVDfever Review – Jason Momoa

See See is a new Apple TV+ series starring Aquaman‘s Jason Momoa… and watch as everyone leaves the review and rushes over to just watch the programme because he’s in it… 😉

Okay, for those of you still with me, or with the ability to multitask between reading a review AND watching a TV show, it begins with these words onscreen:

    “Following the outbreak of a deadly virus in the 21st Century, the Earth’s human population was reduced to less than two million.

    The humans who survived all emerged blind.

    Now, centuries later, the idea of vision exists only as a myth. To even speak of it is considered heresy.”

So, we’ve got a dystopian future that’s all very serious and tribal, as if civilisation and the industrial revolution never happened. These inhabitants speak a language called Alkenny, although a lot of it IS in English – you will just have to put the subtitles on in order to pick up on everything being said.

It begins as a simple tale where the Witchfinder General wants to infiltrate their camp, while they want to get all ‘Braveheart‘ and defend their place to the last! They’ll do what it takes to defend their territory, which includes the drastic measures you’ll see around 20 minutes in.

And what we know from the billing is that a set of twins have been born into this world, but with a difference… they can see! So, presumably everything is fine and they’ll all just sit about for the remaining nine episodes and talk about the weather…. I jest.

Also, I seem to be one of the few people who actually liked Justice League! Now, when are we getting a resolution to the post-credits scene?

Overall, See is rather epic in style, aibeit a bit uneven. So far, I’ve only seen episode 1, but will check out more very soon.

It’s surpririslngly gripping in places, even when there’s no dialogue, and you’re just watching Momoa & co. traverse from place to place, making it feel like cut-scenes from an epic videogame, since you don’t normally get something like that in modern drama these days, where everything has to be ‘quick’ and ‘NOW’.

It’s also rather odd to see Queen Kane reciting The Lord’s Prayer while… erm…. well, you’ll see for yourself 😉

Plus, at one point – and talking about the environment – Momoa repeats, “Ice… Ice… Ice… Ice…” and I wanted to chant “Ice… Ice… Baby…” 😀

Word to your mother…

See is one of the new flagship series for Apple TV+ and all ten episodes stream in full from November 1st.

See – Trailer – Apple TV+

Episode 1 Score: 7/10

Series Director: Francis Lawrence, Anders Engström, Stephen Surjik, Frederick EO Toye
Series Producers: Jim Rowe, Paul Kurta, Peter McAleese
Series Writers: David Ray, Michael Clarkson, Paul Clarkson, Steven Knight
Music: Bear McCreary

Baba Voss: Jason Momoa
Paris: Alfre Woodard
Maghra: Hera Hilmar
Witchfinder Warrior: Josh Blacker
Queen Kane: Sylvia Hoeks
Tamacti Jun: Christian Camargo
Haniwa: Nesta Cooper
Bow Lion: Yadira Guevara-Prip
Kofun: Archie Madekwe
Jerlamarel: Joshua Henry
Gether Bax: Mojean Aria