Six Four – The DVDfever Review – ITVX drama – Kevin McKidd

Six Four Six Four is another TV cop drama, this one about cold cases, specialised in by DC Chris O’Neill (Kevin McKiddDog Soldiers), and in this case, he’s dealing with a case for a missing girl called Julie Mackie, from 16 years ago.

Alas, for him and his wife, Michelle (Vinette RobinsonBoiling Point), their daughter, Olivia, is also missing, so that’s an unfortunate correlation.

The series is set in Edinburgh, before Michelle heads off to that there London before Chris even knows what’s happening. Plus, she obtains a burner phone so she can’t be traced. So, it’s that sort of drama where a character has a complete change of character.

I only saw the opener, but throw in some clichéd late night shenanigans; Chris’ own brother, Philip (Andrew WhippCursed), as a higher-up cop in the same force; James Cosmo (Highlander) as Julie’s bereft father, Jim; Justice Minister Robert Wallace (Richard CoyleFantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore) coming into the police station to see how the detectives work; and a cliffhanger that can stay hanging forever (although the trailer explains it), and you have a tedious 45 minutes that you’ll never get back. If you want, you can suffer for another 3 episodes when it streams online.

And as for: What is “Six Four”? Well, that’s a secret to be revealed.

As an aside, at one point, Chris looks up certain things he shouldn’t on the police database, which he knows would be a sacking offence, but he contents himself with a furtive look around the office, despite the fact every page is logged for an audit, in reality.

Yes, I won’t be watching any more of this.

PS. As another aside, the first episode also features a particular song by The Hollies which, when I heard it in GTA San Andreas, it was from an American rock band! I was wrong… but you can hear it below.

Six Four streams on ITVX from today, but it’s not yet available to pre-order on Blu-ray or DVD.

Six Four – Official Trailer – ITVX

GTA San Andreas | The Hollies – Long Cool Woman In a Black Dress (Tradução Legendado PT/EN) – WantCafé

Director: Ben A Williams
Producer: Clare Kerr
Novel: Hideo Yokoyama
Writers: Gregory Burke, Clare McQuillan
Music: Luke Richards


Chris O’Neill: Kevin McKidd
Michelle O’Neill: Vinette Robinson
PC McKenzie: Jessica Hardwick
Olivia O’Neill: Eubha Akilade
DS Shereen Rahman: Nalini Chetty
Jim Mackie: James Cosmo
Samantha Wishart: Selin Hizli
Tony Hughes: Patrick Robinson
PC Burke: Scott Fletcher
Delivery Driver: Neil Leiper
Philip O’Neill: Andrew Whipp
Robert Wallace: Richard Coyle
Bryony Davis: Saskia Ashdown
Cameron: Peter Hannah
Bill Martin: Brian McCardie
Stuart Simpson: Lorne MacFadyen
Annabel Wallace: Iona Anderson
Mortuary assistant: Eric Roberston
Pregnant woman: Eimi Quinn
News journalist: Halla Mohieddeen