Sky – Official Trailer #1 – Diane Kruger, Norman Reedus

sky Sky looks to be an intriguing thriller, beginning with Romy (Diane Kruger) on holiday in the USA with her French husband, Richard (Gilles Lellouche). However, eight years of marriage has taken its toll and the journey quickly turns into a settling of old scores. After an ultimate fight, Romy decides to break free. She cuts off her ties to a stable and secure life that has become alienating and escapes to the unknown.

Diego (Norman Reedus) comes up on the horizon and the trailer’s vague about where things go from there, but then again, I don’t like a trailer to tell me everything.

Written and directed by Pascal Arnold and Fabienne Berthaud, the latter of whom also directs, the film also stars Q’orianka Kilcher (what a brilliant name!), Lou Diamond Phillips and GirlsLena Dunham. As of yet, there’s no UK release date for Sky, but the US get it this Friday. Certainly looks worth a watch.

Check out the trailer below and click on the poster for the full-size version: