Stockport Council – The worst council in the world… ever?

Stockport Council continue to be as useless as the day is long, since not only have they done nothing about this situation, but now check out this video I’ve put together, because it shows just how horrendous it all is.

Coronavirus could be living in this for all I know, as your feet get completely submerged, given how deep it is!!!!

The company supposedly building houses on the land are the Viaduct Housing Partnership for Stockport Holmes.

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February 9th:

Stockport Council continue to be as useless as the day is long…

Now, I understand 1917 is a corker of a movie, and is winning a number of awards as Oscar season rolls around, but Stockport Council have gone one better in recreating the trench – and the stench of a trench – as workmen work tirelessly into the late hours to…. make a huge mess, have a brew and then never return until the end of time… or, perhaps, beyond.

In the days when the council actually bothered to respond to me – whereas now, they just cancel the reports about this, as well as ignoring any complaints – I gleamed that there’s an underlying issue to whatever’s causing the huge mess and rain gathering.

I’m guessing the council have all come down with an extreme bout of lazyitis, but whatever it is, it’s caused them to attempt to dig to China, and then run off after the news broke about the Corona virus.

Around Xmas to New Year, and then again just recently, they did somehow pump out some water to make it less of a shark-infested lake along the pathway… but leaving a muddy hell in its place – making the whole mess even worse. But now, if you can find the lesser-spotted yellow hard hat that sits atop the men in big orange jump suits, you win a prize! Muddy, wet shoes!

Stay tuned! Next time, Stockport Council will see if they can actually manage to find their own backside with BOTH hands! In the meantime, check out these pictures and see if you can work out what the hell’s going on!

If you know the area in Edgeley, it’s the same car park that the Help The Hatters used to use before they were turfed out by the morons at the Council who sold it to developers.

Stockport Council

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September 11th 2019:

Stockport Council are useless at the best of times, such as when they take areas of grass which soak up the rain, and replace them with pavement, so the water can’t go anywhere natural, and should normally go down the grids in the roads, but read on…

And now they clearly don’t care about anyone with a disability, since a vital pathway, by the railway in Edgeley – not far from the Stockport County football ground, has been unavailable to many residents for several weeks, unless you’re able-bodied and wishing to walk through with wellies, or don’t mind having wet feet all day.

Following the recent floods, due to a combination of heavy rain and the councils not bothering to rod the drains out any more (yeah, “weather”, not “climate change” for all the eco-hippies out there, such as the Extinction Rebelltion lot who hogged Deansgate in Manchester for four days, and could really have used a good air strike to sort them out), the pathway has been out of bounds.

The only solution to them, at present, is a 20-minute detour, LITERALLY all around the houses, since the nearest alternative is impassable if you’re in a wheelchair or mobility scooter as you must negotiate a very steep incline and decline either side of the reservoir.

And in the meantime, even if they did try to go down that pathway, then it’s also impassable due to the bricks that others have used as a ‘stepping stone’ situation to get across the water – but of course, one wrong step and you have wet feet. No thanks!

I reported this pathway to Stockport Council on July 31st. It’s now mid-September, and all that’s happened to resolve it, is that someone’s coming along and “inspected” it. Yep, it takes a bit more to fix something than to just LOOK at it(!)

You can see the full picture below, albeit before the bricks were added: