Superhero movies – I think I’m done…?

Superhero movies Superhero movies are reaching the end with me, or I might be there already.

I thought – I’ll catch up on Thor: Ragnarok as I didn’t fancy that at the time it was in the cinema, as I’d just seen Thor and Thor: The Dark World to catch up and found those quite boring and overlong.

Then since they’re showing close together on Weds/Thurs, there’s a Black Panther showing before Avengers: Infinity War‘s on at midnight, and I’d skipped BP as I didn’t give two hoots about the character and all the hype about it has been around race issues and not whether the movie’s actually entertaining or not, but maybe there’ll be something of that in A:IW that I’ll not get if I haven’t seen it.

And I was thinking of seeing A:IW as my last regular-ish superhero movie since I’m rather done with these things as they’re all the same, but does it really need to be 2hrs 36mins?

And then I got 50 mins into Thor: Ragnarok when Stan Lee turned up, yet again, and was getting bored with that. I think I’m done, now.

Even the new Venom trailer, I’m like – meh.

I do want to see Deadpool 2, but that manages to set itself apart from the others. Logan was great, but it felt more like a western. All the X-Men films have been a bit hit and miss, and both Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants have been kicked into the long grass known as 2019.

I enjoyed Justice League and Suicide Squad far more than most other films out there. Both of those managed to clock in at around the two-hour mark. That’s enough.

I enjoyed Doctor Strange, but beyond that I can’t think of a single 2hrs+ superhero movie that doesn’t need at least 40 minutes hacking out of it. I remember watching both Wonder Woman and Spider-Man Homecoming and getting so bored to the point that during the latter, I checked my watch for the time… and then some time later, I checked it again and… ONE MINUTE HAD PASSED!

Beyond that, I think another Guardians of the Galaxy film would be fine, but both the first two went on two long, although the second one brought us Mantis. I liked Mantis. Let’s have a Mantis movie. That’d be good 😉

Is anyone else getting superhero fatigue like me?