The Affair Episode 6 – The DVDfever Review

The Affair Episode 6The Affair Episode 6 begins with Noah’s side of the story – the usual way it does.

His friend Max gets $40 off him to score some blow at a college reunion, but when they sit down to chat, they’re joined by Alison who pretends she doesn’t know Noah at all – let alone intimately – and he plays along. Max, who is divorced, thinks he’s in with a shot with the waitress, but we know it’s not going to happen in a month of Sundays. Next thing you know, it’s the end of the evening and they’re together on the dancefloor shakin’ their ‘thang’… and then finding a spare empty room and shaking all their other bits and pieces, too. At this point, there’s just one week together before Noah’s heading back home and he still thinks he can carry it on somehow.

After a soapy shower together, he’s then confused as she leaves on her bike but heads in the wrong direction, down to the quay as he spies on her picking up some fish to take home – Noseybonk! Alas (for him), his stalking is curtailed by a taxi cutting him up.


Noah does some stalking…

The next morning, Noah wants to know why Max could easily get cocaine last night, so asks Whitney as she’s at that ‘experimenting’ age. Maybe she’s annoyed that Noah still won’t let her have her phone back after the trolling incident. Meanwhile, she’s not the only annoyed female in the family, as Helen moans that he no longer wants to do the do with her, leading to her scheduling a date night with him after sending everyone out for the evening.

They all head out for lunch at the Lobster Roll, bumping into Max who spots Alison, and she then corners Noah in the loo for a snog when he goes to syphon the python. Meanwhile, when Noah pays for lunch, he smooths things over with Oscar and then finds he has the afternoon free since Helen & co are going mini-golfing with Max. However, rather than get chance to bang Alison, he shares a beer with Oscar and finds out that HE used to bang Alison AND he “popped her cherry”. Nice(!)

Then a small bit of plot leaks out as Scotty turns up and helps himself to cash from the register – which Oscar apparently owes him. An attempt at a fight results in the owner losing, so he reports Scotty anonymously to the cops, making reference to dodgy drugs-related activity going on by the docks at all hours. His explanation to Noah is that the Lockhart Ranch is just a front for all this nefarious-ness (if that’s a word), causing him to head over there and quiz Alison.

With her denying that they’re a drugs operation, she shouts Cole and says that they have to go now…. disappearing into the night… well, afternoon.

This spurs Noah to return to his marital roots, dash home and bonk his wife silly… well, a couple of times, until he shoots his load.


Oscar and Noah are interrupted…

And so to Part 2: Alison, who heads into the shower on her own, with Noah’s sole interaction being to take a leak at the same time in the bathroom, much to her disgust… well, mildly. Well, not at all.

So she then heads down to the docks, can’t find her friend Will on his own boat. Whoever Will is. Will Young? Will Ing? Will from TFI Friday? Caleb can’t explain it and it seems like there’s something other than fish on the menu, but it’s not clear what it is.

Martin is caught sleeping on the job at the ranch, but Alison and Cole take pity on him and feed him a hearty breakfast since he doesn’t want to rush home. The ranch takes a call from Helen, who learns that Martin is already there. In part 1, she thought he’d got up early, but we learn now that he slept all night there.

Alison has a mysterious note in her bike basket, asking her to meet up at Phoebe’s house when she finishes work. It’s Noah! He wants to know what was in the cooler and she admits its cocaine but that she doesn’t care what happens to her if she gets caught. Her reason? The ranch doesn’t sustain itself.

Then, knowing that Oscar has called the cops, Cole goes it alone with the coke, leaving Alison and Scotty to talk to the fuzz when they make an appearance… except it’s Oscar. And he didn’t call the cops. It was all a ruse, since he knows that if he did, then they’d just move the stash…. as they have done. Oh, what a jolly jape!

All of a sudden, Alison wants to go straight and sell the ranch since it’s dragging them down. But towards the end, they’ve got bigger fish to fry (if they actually have any fish) since Martin left the stable door open and the horse has literally bolted.

Alison then takes him home, as she pretends to drive while a fake background passes by and a wind machine blows her hair. Once arrived, she tells Noah that she wants to start afresh with him while, conversely, he’s calling it a day there and then. With four episodes to go , you know it won’t stop there.


Alison gets in the middle of an argument…

Episode 6 Score: 3/10

Director: Carl Franklin
Producer: Andrea P Stilgenbauer
Writer: Dan LeFranc
Creators: Sarah Treem and Hagai Levi
Sound: Marcelo Zarvos

Noah Solloway: Dominic West
Alison Bailey: Ruth Wilson
Helen Solloway: Maura Tierney
Cole Lockhart: Joshua Jackson
Whitney Solloway: Julia Goldani Telles
Max: Josh Stamberg
Bruce Butler: John Doman
Stacey Solloway: Leya Catlett
Trevor Solloway: Jadon Sand
Martin Solloway: Jake Richard Siciliano
Cherry Lockhart: Mare Winningham
Margaret Butler: Kathleen Chalfant
Detective Jeffries: Victor Williams
Oscar Hodges: Darren Goldstein
Mary-Kate Lockhart: Kaija Matiss
Jane: Nicolette Robinson
Athena Bailey: Deirdre O’Connell
Joan Bailey: Lynn Cohen
Jocelyn: Rebecca Rittenhouse
Caleb Lockhart: Michael Godere
Scotty Lockhart: Colin Donnell
Hal Lockhart: Danny Fischer
Ruby: Paulina Singer
Will: Sean Kleier
Harry: Stephen Kunken
Cook: Alfredo Diaz
Jules: Carolina Ravassa
Miranda: Teresa Yenque